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ISPP Chapter 9

Information Systems Development and Acquisition

Customised Software vs. Off-the-shelf Software Customised and problem specific vs packaged
4 Possible Sources For a New IS • Build IS • Buy pre-packaged system • Outsource development to 3rd party • End-user development
Systems Analysis and Design Process of designing, building and maintaining IS
4 Phases of Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)(Figure 9.5) • Planning and Selection • Analysis • Design • Implementation and Operation
Evaluation Criteria for Systems Projects • Strategic Alignment • Potential benefits • Potential costs and resource availability • Project size and duration • Technical difficulty and risks
4 Techniques for Requirements Collection • Interviews • Questionnaires • Observations • Document analysis
Critical Success Factors (CSF) and it's strength vs. weakness A key area that an organisation must do well at to ensure success for the organisation. Easy to understand, but can be too generalised for complex situations
Joint Application Design (JAD) Users meet with the analyst in a group meeting to agree on system requirements. Group involvement benefits vs group involvement drawbacks.
3 Elements of IS Design • Human-Computer Interface (HCI) • Database and Files • Processing and Logic
3 Types of Software Programming and Testing • Developmental • Alpha • Beta
System Conversion, Documentation, Training and Support Process of decommissioning to current systems and installing the new one.
4 Types of System Maintenace • Corrective • Adaptive • Perfective • Preventative
Patch Management System Use of the internet to check the software vendor for available fixes, patches and updates
Prototyping Trial and error approach for discovering how a system should operate
4 Phases of Rapid Application Development (RAD) • Requirements Planning • User Design • Construction • Move to the new system
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA&D) Use of common modules (objects) which are created and reused rather than data and processes
4 Reasons Not to Develop System In-House • Limited skill set in staff • Limited staff • Overworked staff • Problems with performance of IS staff
5 Steps for External Acquisition of IS • Systems planning and selection • Systems analysis • Development of a request for proposal • Proposal evaluation • Vendor selection
7 Reasons to Outsource IS Devlopment • Cost + quality concerns • Probelms in IS performance • Supplier pressures • Simplifying, downsizing, reengineering • Financial factors • Organisational culture • Internal frustrations
End-user Development Users who actually are going to use the systems are the ones who also develop it
4 Benefits of End-user Development • Cost • Longer development time • Slower modification • Reduce work overload
5 4th Generation Development Tools • Personal computer tools • Query language/reporting generators • Graphics generators • Decision support/modeling tools • Application generators
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