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World Lit.


cozen to ceat or deceive
tractable easily managed
abhor to hate, detest
acquicse give in, agree to
rancorous bitterly resentful
eschew avoid, shun
emulate to rival, imitate
ruse an action or device meant to mislead
machination a crafty scheme, an evil plot
discernment perception, recognition
cuckold a betrayed husband (w/horns)
hairshirt garment worn by penitents
blockers focus impeding plot
tattoo a continuous drumming or tapping
votary monk or nun
pulchritud physical beauty and appeal
faction a unified, discontent group
manifest clear, obvious
reprove rebuke, finding fault
importunate stubbornly persistent
feign to pretend
palpable capable of being felt, concrete
assauge satisfy, appease, calm
farthing to coin worth, 1/4 of a penny
temerity reckless disregard of duty
myrrh a fragrant gum resin
routed defeated overwhelmingly
shaft the long part of an arrow or gun
helm forward part of a ship
dirges funeral hymns, laments
sooty covered with black carbon form a fire
hovel small, poor dwellings
touchstone a stone used to test if gold is real, any test of value
deign to think fit, grant, agree to
reticence reserve, disinclination to speak
beacon a signal fire on a hill
seer someone who can foresee the future
henchmen a male attendant to someone in power
libations sacrificial offerings of wine
straights narrow connecting waterway
onslaught a violent, intense attack
seraph an angel of the highest order
recoil to draw back, retreat
lulled calmed, quieted, soothed
censoriousness faultfinding, carping
ostentatious characterized by pretentious show
spleen ill humor or spite, also an organ
mummeries mime show, empty performance
charlotan quack, one who pretends to be an expert
mountebank trickster, especially a medical quack
specious deceptively attractive, plausible but false
knavery dishonest dealing or a piece od mischief
malapropism a ludicrous misuse of a word
coquett a female flirt
ucurp to take over another's power or rights
frippies showy trivial adornments
saucy impertinent, disrespectful
purged cleansed, got rid of something unpleasant
carrion corpses, dead people or animals
scurged beating, plague or curse
(death) throes painful struggles and spasms of death
cauldron a large metal bowl
lyre small stringed instrument of the harp family
mercenary motivated by desire for money (as a hired soldier)
deplete to diminish, lessen, run out of something
oracle a fortune, message about future, or person delivering it
rite a formalized religious or ceremonial ritual
pomps proud, very formal shows
annihilation utter destruction
flaunt an overly proud, extravagant show
quick deepest feeling, painful flesh under fingernail
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