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Quiz Bowl Pracice 1

Random Quizbowl Trivia

Sport in which the players hit shuttlecocks Badminton
Continent that's home to Amazon River South America
Roman numeral for 115 CXV
Author of the book, Charlotte's Web E.B. White
The support on which a lever rests in a simple machine Fulcrum
Names of the two brother inventors that invented the airplane in the early 1900s The Wright Brothers
When the moon casts its shadow on earth, it is refered to as a _________. Solar Eclipse
Term in chess refered to as a lower player that on normal circumstance can only move one square at a time Pawn
Recent 2012 presidential election, Green Party candidate Jill Stein
Type of shark that can survive in fresh bodies of water Bull Shark
Number of pins used in a standard round of bowling 10 Pins
The capital of Maine Augusta
Thought to be the largest volano in the world Muana Loa
Large city in the United States was almost completely consumed by fire in the year of 1871 Chicago
Second book from the last in the KJV Bible Jude
Oldest person in the Bible, living to be 969 years old Methusela
Commenly used nickname for a comet Dirty Snowball
Book series written by Margaret Peterson Haddix that features a science fiction mix of time travel and teenagers The Missing
Only president to serve more than two terms Franklin D. Roosevelt
Captain of the Titanic Edward John Smith
President responsible for freeing the slaves Abraham Lincoln
Scientist who`s most famous equation is E=mc2 Albert Einstein
Type of atom split to create nuclear power in power plants Uranium
Town where Jesus Christ was born Bethlehem
Inventor of the polygraph machine [lie detector] John Larson
Spelling of the word that means the property that an object has telling it whether it will float or sink D-E-N-S-I-T-Y
Building in San Antonio, Texas where Davy Crockett was killed Alamo
3^2 times -4 -36
Bridge builders have considered building a bridge across the Bering Strait from Alaska to this country Russia
Mozart's opera, "The Magic_____" Flute
Gas produced and released as waste when a plant performs the process of photosynthesis Oxygen
Florida site of the John F. Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral
Planet with the longest period of revolution around the sun Pluto
Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale, "The Princess and the_____" Pea
German scientist that sent President Roosevelt a letter about the developement of the atomic bomb Albert Einstein
In biological classifications, the largest divisions of all living things Kingdom
River discovered by Hernando de Sots and a group of Spanish explorers on May 8, 1841 Mississippi River
2 to the 5th power 32
Created by: Helloshoes3