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Civics test vocab

Civics vocab chapter 22

what is a political party an organization of citizens who wish to influence and control government by getting their members elected to office
How do parties help the government? select candidates for public offices, set goals for government, and provide leadership to reach goals
How do parties act as watchdogs? parties try to keep close watch of other parties because they are eager to report any wrongdoing or broken promises to use against them during elections
how do parties help citizens? they help make the citizens voices be heard, and provide ways for citizens to participate
informing citizens they inform citizens by sending out mail, newspapers, radio and television. go door-to-door handing out info and asking people which candidate they support (called to canvass
how do candidates involve citizens volunteers write letters and pamphlets and send them to voters, raise money and hold events for candidates to come meet voters
history of politics first political party was the federalists, wanted strong national government, had support of merchants and bankers.
Who was the rival of the federalists? the democratic-republican party, led by Thomas Jefferson, supported power of individual states. became known as democratic party in 1828
what was the Whig party a party that came after the democratic-republican party in 1834. Whigs and democrats became rivals until early 1850's. Whig party was replaced republican. Abraham Lincoln the first republican president
3rd party candidates can sometimes change the whole outcome of an election, by drawing votes from a main party
different kind of primaries direct primaries, closed primaries, and open primaries
direct primaries an election in which members of a an election in which members of a political party choose candidates to run for office in the name of the party
closed primary a primary in which a voter must be registered as a party member and may vote only in that parties primary
open primary voters do not need to declare a party before voting, but they may vote in only one part's primary.
caucus a meeting of party leaders to discuss issues or to choose candidates.
what are conventions elections where delegates debate and discuss candidates after listening to speeches
how are delegates chosen? almost all delegates are "pledged" to the candidates. delegates are people who actually nominate the candidats
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