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EBF Chapitre 4

Chapter 4 Vocabulary Practice, En Bonne Forme

s'abattre to fall upon
au beau milieu right in the middle
au coin at the corner
avoir l'allure to look like
se baisser to bend down
bout bit
buffle buffalo
conduire en prison to lead to prison
desespoir despair
doigt finger
ficelle string
fier proud
fierte pride
fixer dans les yeux to stare at
frapper to hit
fumiste phoney
glisser to slip
grave serious
il etait une fois once upon a time
ivre intoxicated
jubiler to gloat
lacet shoelace
levre lip
malhonnete dishonest
manie queer habit
mentir to lie
meprise error
meriter to deserve
mesaventure misfortune
minutieusement meticulously
morceau piece
n'importe quoi just anything
oser to dare
par terre on the ground
petit malin a crafty one
peu importe never mind, it doesn't matter
place village square
plagier to plagerize
portefeuille wallet
pouffer de rire to giggle
rendre to hand out
retentir to ring
retourner to go back
se retrouver to find oneself
secouer to shake
sonnerie bell
soupcon suspicion
survenir to occur, happen
tenter to try
trainer to lie about, to be left around
voler to rob
cambrioler to burglarize
coupable guilty
injustice injustice
juge judge
jugement sentence, verdict
peine penalty
poursuivre en justice to sue
proces lawsuit
vol a l'etalage shoplifting
vol a la tire pickpocketing
vol a l'arrache snatching
voleur thief
a toute allure at full speed
desesperer to despair
espoir hope
esperer to hope
honnetete honesty
honteux shameful
mensonge lie
menteur liar
porte-monnaie coin purse
Created by: akuonengalvez