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NP Excel Unit 6

Managing multiple worksheets and workbooks in Excel

A collection of two or more selected worksheets worksheet group
Reference to the same cell or range in multiple worksheets in the same workbook 3-D reference
Reference to cells or ranges in a worksheet from another workbook external reference
Dependent file when two workbooks are linked destination file
An Excel file that saves information about all of the currently opened workbooks, such as their location, size of window, zoom level workspace
When two or more workbooks are linked, this is a workbook that contains data to be used in the destination file source file
A connection between files that allows data to be transferred from one file to another link
A workbook with labels, formats, and formulas already built into it with data removed template
A link in a file to information in that file or another file that can be clicked on hyperlink
The blank Book1 workbook that opens when you start Excel is based on: default template
Web-based version of the MS Office programs that allow you to create, view, and edit Office files direction from your web browser Office Web Apps
To select adjacent worksheets, click and hold this key: Shift
To select non-adjacent worksheets, click and hold this key: Alt
To deselect a worksheet group, either click the sheet tab of a worksheet NOT in the group or click: Ungroup Sheets
To reference cell A10 in the Jan worksheet, what formula would be entered? ='Jan'!A10
The enter a 3D range reference to cell A10 in the adjacent Jan, Feb, and March worksheets, what for the formula be? 'Jan:March'!A10
To apply a page layout to all worksheets in a workbook at all time, do this before altering page setup: group
How are linked workbooks updated when the source file is changed and the destination file is closed? Press Update button
If both the destination and source files are open, Excel will update links: automatically
Under which tab do you go to edit connections for linked workbooks? Data
To insert a hyperlink, go to this tab: Insert
Templates automatically create a new copy of a document and use this to save the first time: Save As
To save as a template, choose Save As and for Save as Type, choose: Template
You can use Windows Live to upload your Office files to an online storage and file sharing service called: OneDrive
To save to OneDrive/SkyDrive or use Office Web Apps, you need this type of account: Windows Live
To create a Workspace, click Save Workspace under what tab? View
This type of cell reference specifies not only the rows and columns of a cell range, but the names of the worksheets on which the cells appear: 3D
If you break a link and wish to undo the action, you will have to: Retype the reference
The active worksheet in a group is indicated by text that appears: bold
The default template has this many worksheets automatically: 3
To move a worksheet or worksheet group to another location in the same workbook, select the worksheets and then drag and drop them by the selected: sheet tab
To delete a hyperlink but leave the text, right click the hyperlink and click: remove hyperlink
When you reference a cell or a range in a different worksheet, this separates the sheet reference from the cell reference exclamation point
If you link to an external workbook, the name of the workbook goes in: brackets
If you link to a different sheet tab, the worksheet name goes in: apostrophes
This appears between the first cell and last cell in a cell reference for a range: colon
Created by: skindawg