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Vocab 7 eng 9

slavish; suitable to a slave or servant; forced labor/tow servile/adjective
servile(dpos/antonyms) servility(noun)/dominant
incapable of producing offspring; lacking vegetation; lacking liveliness/tow barren/adjective
barren(dpos/antonyms) barrenness(noun)/lush, fertile
to be in the way of; to delay the progress of/tow hinder/verb
hinder(dpos/antonyms) hindrance(noun)/to assist, to help progress
facial features; appearance especially on face/tow countenance/noun
to interpret; to explain the meaning of/ construe/verb
construe(antonyms) misconstrue
deep thought/tow congitation/noun
cogitation(dpos) cogitate(verb), cogitative(adjective
to exhibit attention; to seek favor or attention by flattery and slavish behaviors/ fawn/verb
fawn(antonyms) to ignore
to grant a share of; to make known/tow impart/verb
impart(antonyms) to keep secret
not caring one way or the other; neutral/tow indifferent/adjective
to tower over; to dominate by position/tow bestride/verb
to make an earnest request of; to petition for/tow entreat/verb
a small crown; usually worn by prince or princess/tow coronet/noun
entreat(dpos) entreaty(noun)
a rascal; a deceitful; unreliable person/tow rogue/noun
a bodily weakness, especially brought by old age; feebleness/tow infirmity/noun
infirmity(dpos/antonyms) infirm(adj)/strength
a violent windstorm usually accompanied by rain, snow, hail/tow tempest/noun
to raise in rank, character, status; to elevate; to praise or honor/tow exalt/verb
tempest(dpos/antonyms) tempestuous(noun)/calmness, peacefulness
exalt(dpos/antonyms) exaltation(noun)/ to dishonor
a heated, often violent disagreement; a fight strife/noun
strife(antonyms) agreement, peace
to cause to be extremely angry; to infuriate/tow incense/verb
incense(antonyms) to calm,to pacify
exciting wonder or awe/tow portentous/adjective
portentous(dpos/antonyms) portentousness, portent(noun)/meaningless
a possible danger; a threat; an annoying or troublesome person/tow menace/noun
danger/tow perilous/adjective
perilous(dpos/antonyms) peril(noun), perilously(adv)/ safe, secure
to put into by pouring; to fill or cause to be filled by something/tow infuse/verb
impressively great in size, amount, or extent; enormous; extraordinary; marvelous/tow prodigious/adjective
prodigious(antonyms) small, insignificant, ordinary
characterized by internal disagreement/tow factious/adjective
to remedy; to set right redress/verb
redress(antonyms) to make worse, to ruin more
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