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Shakespeare Quiz!

What is Shakespeare's first name? William
What year was Shakespeare born? 1564
What town was Shakespeare from? Stratford-upon-Avon
What did Shakespeare's father John do for a living? Glover and Leather Worker. Also dabbled in wool dealing and money lending.
What was the name of Shakespeare's wife? Anne Hathaway
How much older than Shakespeare was his wife? 8 years older
Name all three of Shakespeare's children Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith
As a child in school, Shakespeare would have translated English into ________ and vice versa Latin
The first acting troupe Shakespeare was a part of was called this The Lord Chamberlain's Men
The second acting troupe Shakespeare was a part of was called this The King's Men
During Shakespeare's lifetime, 2 monarchs ruled. Who was the first monarch? Queen Elizabeth I
During Shakespeare's lifetime, 2 monarchs ruled. Who was the second monarch? King James I
The most famous Elizabethan Theatre The Globe
These were "jealously guarded" and were very valuable Scripts
The poorest playgoers who stood in the yard to watch the play. Groundlings
Where the wealthier people would sit to watch the play. The galleries
What would fly over the theatre to signal what type of play was showing? A flag
The ceiling above the stage was referred to as _________. It was painted blue with gold stars. The Heavens
What year did Shakespeare die? 1616
On what day did Shakespeare die? His birthday
What family tragedy really affected Shakespeare's writing? The death of his son Hamnet
What was running rampant throughout England during the Elizabethan Period, killing thousands? The Black Plague
What happened to the Globe Theatre in 1613? It burned down
How did the Globe Theatre catch fire? A cannon misfired and a spark ignited the thatched roof
During a performance of which Shakespeare play did the Globe Theatre catch fire? Henry VIII
The first successful theatre in London The Theatre
Which one is NOT one of the famous theatres of London? The Globe, The Theatre, The Swan, The Dream, The Rose, The Fortune, The Hope The Dream
Supernatural beings would rise from the trap door. The space underneath the trap door and the stage was called ________. "Hell"
The backstage area, dressing rooms, and entrances and exits for the actors on stage. The Tiring House
Elizabethan playhouses did not have _______. roofs
What was a big crowd pleaser for audiences during Shakespeare's time? Blood and gore
How much scenery was used? Not much
When characters describe the setting, we call it this. Spoken Decor
Elizabethan theatres had no electricity or roofs. What kind of light was needed for performances? Daylight
All acting companies had one of these to provide support A patron
What percentage of the Globe Theatre did Shakespeare own? 10%
Who were not allowed to be actors? Women
Actors would have to learn their parts in about ______. One week
Plays were written for production, not for _______. Publication
Who published many of Shakespeare's works after he died? Ben Jonson
What made the Globe Theatre (and all other theatres) close in 1642? English Civil War
"The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus" is the most well-known play of which famous Elizabethan playwright? Christopher Marlowe
Shakespeare once played this role The Ghost of Hamlet's father
The last play Shakespeare wrote The Tempest
The number of plays that Shakespeare wrote 37
Shakespeare's plays can be broken into 3 genres: comedies, tragedies, and ____________ Histories
Hamlet and Macbeth are two of Shakespeare's most famous _________ Tragedies
A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Taming of the Shrew are two of Shakespeare's most famous _________ Comedies
To whom did Shakespeare leave his wealth to in his will? His eldest daughter Susanna
How old was Shakespeare when he died? 52
Besides plays, Shakespeare wrote over 150 of these types of poems. Sonnets
Shakespeare dedicated two of his poems to the Earl of _______. The Earl was thought to be Shakespeare's patron. Southampton
The Earl of Leicester held _______ near Stratford as a way to impress the queen. Shakespeare would have been introduced to theatre here. Festivals
Two of Shakespeare's first plays were Henry VI and _______ The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Where would Shakespeare do most of his writing while living in London? The pub
Shakespeare described himself as this. A poet
400 years later, Shakespeare's works still have the power to ___________. Transform peoples' lives
Shakespeare was also known as _______ The Bard
ABABCDCDEFEFGG The rhyme scheme of a Shakespearean sonnet
14 The number of lines in a sonnet
Couplet The two rhyming lines at the end of a Shakespearean sonnet
Quatrain A set of four lines within a Shakespearean sonnet that has its own rhyme scheme. There are 3 of these in a Shakespearean sonnet.
Iambic Pentameter The rhythmical pattern of a line in a sonnet or in Shakespeare's writing.
-/ The symbols used to represent an iamb - an unstressed syllable and a stressed syllable
10 The number of syllables in a line of a sonnet
Created by: wghsdrama
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