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Plays; Writer, Info

Stack #108599

Aeschylus (Greek) Prometheus Bound Prometheus, Hephaestus, Oceanus, Io, 480-410 BC (?) The gods express sympathy for Prometheus, the titan chained to a rock. Zeus then sends him to the abyss for not telling Zeus the prophesy about his (Zeus's) downfall. Authorship of the play is disputed
Aeschylus (Greek) The Persians Atossa, Xerxes, Darius 472 BC Atossa travels to the tomb of her dead husband after learning about the loss at the battle of Salamis. The gods were angered when Xerxes built a bridge across the Hellespont, and caused the loss. ~Important source for Greek history ~Author's life is *lightly* incorporated into play
Aeschylus (Greek) Seven Against Thebes Eteocles, Polynices (Antigone, Ismene) 467 BC The sons of Oedipus wage war for the crown after Eteocles refuses to step down. The brothers kill each other, and there is mourning in the land. A new ending was added fifty years later,
Aeschylus (Greek) The Libation Bearers Orestes, Elecktra, Clytemnestra, Furies, Aegisthus 525-450 BC (?) The play is about the planning of Clytemnestra's death by Orestes for the murder of Agamemnon. 2nd part of the Oresteia
Aeschylus (Greek) Agememnon Cassandra, Clytemnestra, Agamemnon 525-450 BC (?) Clytemnestra is angry with Agamemnon for sacrificing Iphigenia and keeping Cassandra as a concubine. Cassandra predicts her own death, and the death of Clytemnestra. 1st part of the Oresteia
Aeschylus (Greek) Eumenides Orestes, Apollo, Athena, Hermes, Furies 525-450 BC (?) Orestes's guilt in the murder of Clytemnestra and Aegisthus, and Athena eventually decides that he is innocent and that trials should be by jury. 3rd part of the Orestia
Aristophanes (Greek) Lysistrata (blank) 411 BC Lysistrata convinces local women to stop sleeping with their husbands so they can get their way.
Aristophanes (Greek) The Clouds Strepsiades, Pheidippides, Socrates, Chaerephon 423 BC Socrates, descending from the heavens, shows Pheidippides and Strepsiades a "thinkery". May have contributed to the execution of Socrates
Aristophanes (Greek) The Wasps Philocleon (Procleon), Bdelycleon (Anticleon), 422 BC Philocleon judges others, and spends his excess time as a juror, who is tricked into his first aquittal. Satire! A dog in the play eats Sicilian cheese, and is put on trial; this is possibly in reference to the trial of Laches, who was accused of accepting bribes from Sicily.
Aristophanes (Greek) The Birds Pisthetairos, Euelpides, Prometheus, Hercules, Iris, Zeus, Poseidon, Basileia 422 BC Pisthetairos and Euelpides turn into birds, and the former takes over their newly-made Cloudcukooland as tyrant. The gods eventually need to bargain with Pisthetairos for sacrifices. Has a unique parabasis, in which the players talk to the audience; it discusses travesties performed against birds by humans.
Aristophanes (Greek) The Frogs Dionysus, Xanthias, Aeschylus, Euripedes, Aeacus 405 BC Aristophanes, upset by the state of theater at the time, holds a contest in Hades to bring either Euripedes or Aeschylus back from the dead (the winner is the best poet/playwright).
James M Barrie (Scottish) Quality Street Valentine Brown, Miss Phoebe Throssel, Susan Throssell 1901 Valentine Brown goes off to fight with Napoleon, and ten years later, Phoebe (sick of acting lady like), still entrances him as alter-ego Miss Livvy.
James M Barrie (Scottish) The Admirable Crichton Lady Mary Lasenby, Crichton, The Earl of Loam 1902 Crichton and the Earl of Laom are stranded on an island.
James M Barrie (Scottish) Peter Pan (The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up) Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael, Mr. and Mrs Darling, Nana, Cptn. Hook, Smee, Tiger Lily, Tinker Bell 1902 Three children go off to Never-Never Land to be the family of the Lost Boys. After a princess is kidnapped by pirates, the Lost Boys war with the pirates. The main character previously appeared in the author's book "The Little White Bird".
James M Barrie (Scottish) What Every Woman Knows (blank) 1908 (blank)
Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchus (French) The Barber of Seville Count Almaviva, Figaro, Rosina, Bartholo, Bazile 1775 Count Almaviva is in love with Rosina, but Bartholo wants to marry her. The Count and Rosina enlist Figaro to help.
Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchus (French) The Marriage of Figaro Count Almaviva, Countess Rosine, Figaro, Suzanne, Marceline, Antonio, Fanchette, Chérubin, Bartholo 1784 Suzanna and Figaro wish to get married, but the Count wants Suzanna for himself. Heavily influenced by the Barber of Seville - even character names were taken.
Samuel Beckett (French) Waiting for Godot Vladimir "Didi", Pozzo, Estragon "Gogo", Lucky 1964 Two men wait for their old friend, who admittedly they would not recognize if he came.
Samuel Beckett (French) The Endgame Nag, Nell, Hamm, Clov 1957 Hamm, who cannot stand, and Clov, who cannot sit, fight in a world with no sea, no sun, and no clouds.
Lord George Gordon Byron (English) Manfred Manfred, Chamois Hunter, Abbot of St. Maurice, Manuel, Herman, 1817 A man who may be responsible for his lover's death asks seven spirits for forgiveness, which they cannot grant him.
Robert Browning (English) Pippa Passes Pippa, Ottima, Sebald, Julie 1841
Francis Hodgson Burnett (American) Esmeralda (blank) 1881 (blank)
Anton Chekov (Russian) The Seagulls (blank) 1896 (blank)
Anton Chekov (Russian) Uncle Vanya (blank) 1899 (blank)
Anton Chekov (Russian) The Three Sisters (blank) 1901 (blank)
Anton Chekov (Russian) The Cherry Orchard (blank) 1904 (blank)
Paddy Chayefsky (American) Marty (blank) 1953 (blank)
Agatha Christie [Mary Clarissa Miller] (English) The Mousetrap (blank) 1952 (blank)
Sir Noel Coward (English) Blithe Spirit (blank) 1941 (blank)
Edward Estlin Cummings (American) Santa Claus A Morality (blank) 1946 (blank)
Alexandra Dumas Camille (blank) 1852 (blank)
Edward Albee Zoo Story (blank) 1959 (blank)
Edward Albee The Sand Box (blank) 1960 (blank)
Edward Albee The Death of Bessie Smith (blank) 1961 (blank)
Edward Albee The American Dream (blank) 1961 (blank)
Edward Albee Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (blank) 1962 (blank)
Edward Albee Tiny Alice (blank) 1965 (blank)
Edward Albee A Delicate Balance (blank) 1966 (blank)
Edward Albee Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung (blank) 1968 (blank)
Edward Albee All Over (blank) 1971 (blank)
Edward Albee Seascape (blank) 1975 (blank)
Edward Albee The Lady of Dubuque (blank) 1980 (blank)
Edward Albee The Man Who Has Three Arms (blank) 1982 (blank)
Edward Albee Fragments: A Concerto Grosso (blank) 1993 (blank)
Edward Albee Three Tall Women (blank) 1994 (blank)
Maxwell Anderson What Price Glory (blank) 1924 (blank)
Maxwell Anderson Both Your House (blank) 1933 (blank)
Maxwell Anderson Winterset (blank) 1935 Sacco-Vanzetti
Maxwell Anderson Key Largo (blank) 1939 (blank)
Maxwell Anderson Anne of a Thousand Days (blank) 1948 (blank)
Jean Anouilh Antigone (blank) 1942 (blank)
Jean Anouilh Lark (blank) 1953 Joan of Arc
Enid Bagnold The Chalk Garden (blank) 1956 (blank)
Albert Camus Caligula (blank) 1944 (blank)
Thomas Stearns Eliot Murder in the Cathedral (blank) 1935 (blank)
Thomas Stearns Eliot The Family Reunion (blank) 1939 (blank)
Thomas Stearns Eliot The Cocktail Party (blank) 1950 (blank)
Thomas Stearns Eliot The Confidential Clerk (blank) 1953 (blank)
Thomas Stearns Eliot The Edler Statesmen (blank) 1958 (blank)
Euripedes Alcestis (blank) 438 BC (blank) (blank)
Euripedes Ion (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Euripedes The Bacchae (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Euripedes Helen (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Euripedes Medea Medea, Jason 431 BC (blank) (blank)
Euripedes Orestes (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Euripedes Hecuba (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Euripedes Electra (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Euripedes The Trojan Woman (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Euripedes The Phoenician Women (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Euripedes Iphigenia in Aulus (blank) 405 BC (blank) (blank)
Euripedes Hippolytus (blank) 428 BC (blank) (blank)
Euripides Iphigenia in Tauris (blank) 414-412 BC (blank) (blank)
John Gay The Begger's Opera (blank) 1728 (blank) Turned into an opera
Moss Hart (George Kaufman) You Can't Take It With You (blank) 1936 (blank) Pulitzer Prize winner
Moss Hart The Man Who Came To Dinner (blank) 1939 Disgruntled critic breaks hip bone and is forced to stay with (-) (blank)
Moss Hart George Washington Slept Here (blank) 1940 (blank) (blank)
Moss Hart Act One (blank) 1959 (blank) Autobiography
Maxim Gorky The Lower Depths (blank) 1959 (blank) (blank)
Lillian Hellman The Children's Hour (blank) 1936 (blank) (blank)
Lillian Hellman The Little Foxes (blank) 1939 (blank) (blank)
Lillian Hellman Watch on the Rhine (blank) 1941 (blank) (blank)
Henrik Ibsen Peer Gynt (blank) 1867 (blank) (blank)
Henrik Ibsen A Doll's House (blank) 1879 (blank) (blank)
Henrik Ibsen Ghosts (blank) 1881 (blank) (blank)
Henrik Ibsen An Enemy of the People (blank) 1882 (blank) (blank)
Henrik Ibsen The Wild Duck (blank) 1884 (blank) (blank)
Henrik Ibsen Hedda Gabbler (blank) 1890 (blank) (blank)
Henrik Ibsen The Master Builder (blank) 1892 (blank) (blank)
Henrik Ibsen When We Dead Awaken (blank) 1899 (blank) (blank)
Thomas Kyd The Spanish Tragedy (blank) 1587 (blank) (blank)
Joseph Kesselring Arsenic and Old Lace (blank) 1941 (blank) (blank)
Lula Carson Smith McCullers The Square Root of Wonderful (blank) 1958 (blank) (blank)
Christopher Marlowe Tamburlaine the Great (blank) 1587 (blank) (blank)
Christopher Marlowe The Jew of Malta (blank) 1589 (blank) (blank)
Christopher Marlowe The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus (blank) 1588 (blank) (blank)
Arthur Miller All Fall Down (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Arthur Miller All My Sons (blank) 1947 (blank) (blank)
Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman (blank) 1949 (blank) Pulitzer Prize
Arthur Miller The Crucible (blank) 1953 (blank) (blank)
Arthur Miller A View from the Bridge (blank) 1955 (blank) (blank)
Arthur Miller After the Fall (blank) 1966 (blank) (blank)
Moliere Le Tartuffe (blank) 1664 (blank) (blank)
Moliere The Misanthrope (blank) 1666 (blank) (blank)
Sean O'Casey The Shadow of a Gunman (blank) 1923 (blank) (blank)
Sean O'Casey Juno and the Paycock (blank) 1924 (blank) (blank)
Sean O'Casey The Plough and the Stars (blank) 1926 (blank) (blank)
Sean O'Casey The Silver Tassie (blank) 1928 (blank) (blank)
Sean O'Casey Within the Gates (blank) 1933 (blank) (blank)
Sean O'Casey The Bishop's Bonfire (blank) 1955 (blank) (blank)
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Beyond the Horizon (blank) 1920 (blank) Pulitzer Prize
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Emperor Jones (blank) 1920 (blank) (blank)
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Anna Christie (blank) 1922 (blank) Pulitzer Prize
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill The Hairy Ape (blank) 1922 (blank) (blank)
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Desire under the Elms (blank) 1924 (blank) (blank)
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill The Great God Brown (blank) 1926 (blank) (blank)
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Lazarus Laughed (blank) 1927 (blank) (blank)
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Strange Interlude (blank) 1928 (blank) Pulitzer Prize
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Mourning Becomes Electra (blank) 1931 (blank) (blank)
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Ah! Wilderness! (blank) 1933 (blank) His only real comedy
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill A Moon for the Misbegotten (blank) 1952 (blank) (blank)
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill The Iceman Cometh (blank) 1939 (blank) (blank)
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Long Day's Journey Into Night (blank) 1956 Pulitzer Prize (blank)
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill A Touch if the Poet (blank) 1957 (blank) (blank)
Jean-Paul Sartre The Wall (blank) 1939 (blank) (blank)
Jean-Paul Sartre The Flies (blank) 1943 (blank) (blank)
Jean-Paul Sartre No Exit (blank) 1944 (blank) (blank)
Jean-Paul Sartre The Respectful Prostitute (blank) 1946 (blank) (blank)
William Saroyan The Time of your Life (blank) 1939 (blank) (blank)
Robert Emmet Sherwood The Petrified Forest (blank) 1936 (blank) (blank)
Robert Emmet Sherwood Idiot's Delight (blank) 1936 (blank) Pulitzer Prize
Robert Emmet Sherwood Abe Lincoln In Illinois (blank) 1938 (blank) Pulitzer Prize
Robert Emmet Sherwood There Shall Be No Night (blank) 1940 (blank) Pulitzer Prize
J.M. Synge The Playboy of the Western World 1907 Christy Mahone arrives in village claiming to have killed his father, but his father comes back alive. The village then kicks Christy out of the village as a bum (blank)
Edith Wharton The Old Maid (blank) 1924 (blank) Won Pulitzer Prize
Gore Vidal The Best Man (blank) 1960 (blank) (blank)
Thornton Wilder Our Town (blank) 1939 (blank) Pulitzer Prize
Thornton Wilder The Skin of our Teeth (blank) 1942 (blank) Pulitzer Prize
Thornton Wilder The Matchmaker (blank) 1954 (blank) (blank)
Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie (blank) 1944 (blank) (blank)
Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Namead Desire Blanche DuBois, Stella Kowalski, Stanley Kowalski 1947 (blank) Pulitzer Prize
Tennessee Williams Summer and Smoke (blank) 1947 (blank) (blank)
Tennessee Williams The Rose Tattoo (blank) 1951 (blank) (blank)
Tennessee Williams Camino Real (blank) 1953 (blank) (blank)
Tennessee Williams Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (blank) 1955 (blank) Pulitzer Prize
Tennessee Williams Orpheus Descending (blank) 1957 (blank) (blank)
Tennessee Williams Suddenly Last Summer (blank) 1958 (blank) (blank)
Tennessee Williams The Sweet Bird of Youth (blank) 1959 (blank) (blank)
Tennessee Williams The Night of the Iguana (blank) 1961 (blank) (blank)
Sophocles Oedipus Rex Oedipus, Jocasta, Creon, Messenger, Tiresias 462 BC (blank) (blank)
Sophocles Oedipus at Colonus (blank) 406 BC (blank) (blank)
Sophocles Antigone Antigone, Ismene, Creon 441 BC Antigone defies Creon's ruling and attempts to properly bury her rebel brother. (blank)
George Bernard Shaw Arms and the Man (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
George Bernard Shaw The Devil's Disciple (blank) 1897 (blank) (blank)
George Bernard Shaw Caesar and Cleopatra (blank) 1899 (blank) (blank)
George Bernard Shaw Candida (blank) 1899 (blank) (blank)
George Bernard Shaw John Ball's Other Island (blank) 1904 (blank) (blank)
George Bernard Shaw Major Barbara Major Barbara 1905 (blank)
George Bernard Shaw Man and Superman (blank) 1905 (blank) (blank)
George Bernard Shaw Androcles and the Lion (blank) 1912 (blank) (blank)
George Bernard Shaw Pygmalion Eliza Dolittle, Professor Hengry Higgins, Freddy Eynesford-Hill 1913 Prof. Higgins makes a bet with Colonel Pickering that he can make Eliza Dolittle, a cockney flower girl, into a properly-speaking young woman. (blank)
George Bernard Shaw Heartbreak House (blank) 1913 (blank) (blank)
George Bernard Shaw Back to Methuselah (blank) 1921 (blank) (blank)
George Bernard Shaw Saint Joan (blank) 1925 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Henry VI (blank) 1590-1592 (blank) A three-part play, historical as well
William Shakespeare The Comdey of Errors (blank) 1590-1592 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Titus Andronicus (blank) 1590-1592 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Two Gentlemen of Verona (blank) 1592 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare The Taming of the Shrew (blank) 1593 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Love's Labour Lost (blank) 1593-1594 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Richard III (blank) 1594 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Richard II (blank) 1595 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare A Midsummer Night's Dream (blank) 1595-1596 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Romeo Juliet (blank) 1596 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice (blank) 1596 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare King John (blank) 1596-1597 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare The Merry Wives of Windsor (blank) 1597-1600 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Henry IV (blank) 1597-1598 (blank) Historical play of 2 parts
William Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing (blank) 1598-1599 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Henry V (blank) 1598-1599 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare As You Like It (blank) 1599-1600 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Julius Caesar (blank) 1599-1600 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Twelfth Night (blank) 1599-1600 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Hamlet (blank) 1600-1601 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Trolius and Cressida (blank) 1600-1602 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare All's Well That Ends Well (blank) 1602 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Othello (blank) 1604 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Measure for Measure (blank) 1604-1605 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare King Lear (blank) 1605-1606 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Antony and Cleopatra (blank) 1607-1608 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Timon of Athens (blank) 1607-1608 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Pericles (blank) 1608-1609 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Coriolanus (blank) 1608-1609 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Cymbeline (blank) 1609-1610 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare Macbeth (blank) 1606 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare The Winter's Tale (blank) 1610-1611 (blank) (blank)
William Shakespeare The Tempest (blank) 1611-1612 (blank) (blank)
George Bernard Shaw Mrs. Warren's Profession (blank) 1893 (blank) (blank)
Jean Racine Andromaque (blank) 1667 (blank) (blank)
Jean Racine Berenice (blank) 1670 (blank) (blank)
Jean Racine Iphigenie (blank) 1674 (blank) (blank)
Jean Racine Phedre (blank) 1677 (blank) (blank)
Jean Racine Esther (blank) 1689 (blank) (blank)
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