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Final Exam Review

Final Exam

Search engine that allows you to search several search engines simultaneoulsy Metasearch engine
A central computer that holds collections of data and programs for connecting or supplying services to computers Server
A set of communications rules for exchanging information Protocol
Adware is also called Pop-up generators
A communications system connecting two or more computers Network
A computer with a domain name Website
A storage device that uses laser technology to read data from opitical disks Compact disk
Places to plug in additional circuit boards and expandind the PC's capabilities Expansion slot
Electrical roadways through which bits are transmitted within the CPU and other components of the motherboard Buses
High speed storage areas that temporarily stores data during processing Registers
How much data can be sent through a communication channel in a given amount of time Bandwidth
Display device made up of two plates of glass separated by a layer of a substance in which light is manipulated Flat-panel display
Device that uses light-sensing equipment to convert images of text, drawings and photos into digital form Scanner
A computer that acts like a disk dirve and stores the programs and data files shared by users on a LAN File server
A number or date entered into a cell of a spreadsheet Value
A tool used to formulate a budget, collecting and calculating data Spreadsheet
Bar across the bottom of the desktop screen that contains the Start button Taskbar
About 1 billion bytes Gigabyte
A program that copies itself repeatedly into a computer's mempry or onto a disk drive Worm
Data and information that is shown on a display screen Softcopy
Program that converts a person's speech into digital signals to store them in the computer Speech recognition system
Uses graphics, animation, sound and data or information to make visual presentation Presentation graphics software
The execution or handling two or more programs or tasks by one user almost at the same time Multitasking
A network that operates without relying on a server Peer-to-peer
Any device that is attached to a network Node
A penlike device that is used to write text or draw lines on a touch-sensitive surface Stylus
Image sharpness Resolution
The number of times a song is measured and converted to a digital value Sampling rate Router
An interface used to connect the same type of networks Bridge
How power supply units are rated Joules
Device that converts AC to DC to run the computer Power supply
A device that identifies a person through fingerprinting, voice integration or retinal indentification Biometric systems
Data collection technology that uses electronic tags for storing storing data, used in tollbooths Radio-frequency identification devices (RFI)
Device that sends and receives data over telephone lines to and from computers Modem
Personal computers, used by individuals that can be connected to networks of larger computers Microcomputer
A software standard for transferring files between computers with different operating systems File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
A program that adds a specific feature to a browser, allowing it to play or view certain files Plug-in
Set of instructions that tell the computer what to do Software
Additional hardware that isn't necessary for a computer to function, but does enhance how the computer can be used Peripheral
The main circuit board of the computer Motherboard
Parts of the computer system that you can physically touch Hardware
A special computer that directs communicating messages when several networks are connected together Router
A named collection of data or a program that exists in a computer's secondary storage File
Converts digital data into speech-like sounds Voice output device
Converts a person's speech into digital signals to store them in the computer Speech recognition system
Software that helps the computer perform essential operating tasks System software
A computer requesting data or services Client
Software developed to solve a particular problem for users Application software
Loading an operating system into a computer's main memory Booting
Collection of interrelated files in a computer system Database
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