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Exam 2 Review

Programs that are stored permanently in the computer's electronic circuitry ROM (read only memory)
Small pictures that are used with GUIs to represent programs Icons
A shelf or opening in a computer used for the installation of electronic equipment Port
Communications system connecting two or more computers Network
High speed storage areas that temporarily store data during processing Registers
Electrical data roadways through which bits are transmitted within the CPU Buses
Device that converts AC to DC to run the computer Power Supply
Cards used for remote communication via phone lines Modem Cards
A named collection of data or a program that exists in a computer's secondary storage Files
Primary storage; chips that temporarily hold software RAM (random access memory)
User interface in which icons and commands from menus may be selected by means of a mouse or keystrokes GUI (graphical user interface)
Approximately (1)One billion bytes Gigabyte
A shelf used for the installation of electronic equipment Bay
Software responsible for the general operation of a computer system, including the operation of hardware, running application software, and file management System Software
Collection of interrelated files in a computer system Database
Named collection of data Field
Low-level master system of programs that manage the basic operations of the computer Operating System (OS)
Loading an operating system into a computer’s main memory Booting
Displayed list of options to choose from Menu
Bar across the very top of the display window Title Bar
Bar across the top of the display window, below the title bar Menu Bar
Graphic toolbar that appears at the bottom of the Windows screen Task Bar
computer software created to allow the user to perform specific a job or task Examples: Word processing, Spreadsheets, Database, and Graphics software i.e., Word files end in .doc and Excel files end in .xls Application Software
Additional hardware that isn't necessary for a computer to function, but does enhance how the computer can be used Peripheral
Program on a computer that allows the user to create, edit, view, print, rename, copy, or delete files, folders, or an entire file system File Management
executes commands from a computer's hardware and software; the principal computer chip that contains several processing components, which determines the computer's operating speed; the "brain" of a computer CPU (central processing unit)
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