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Pays et nationalités

Du monde francophone - includes forms of "venir"

un pays a country
un pays francophone a French-speaking country
D'où venez-vous? Where are you from? (formal or plural)
Tu viens d'où? Where are you from? (informal)
Je viens de ... I come from ...
Tu viens de ... You (fam.) come from ...
Il vient de ... He comes from ...
Elle vient de ... She comes from ...
On vient de ... One comes from ...
Nous venons de ... We come from ...
Vous venez de ... You (formal or plural) come from ...
Ils viennent de ... They (m.) come from ...
Elles viennent de ... They (f.) come from ...
la France France
français French (m.)
française French (f.)
le Luxembourg Luxembourg
luxembourgeois from Luxembourg (m.)
luxembourgeoise from Luxembourg (f.)
la Suisse Switzerland
suisse Swiss
la Belgique Belgium
belge Belgian
la Corse Corsica
corse Corsican
le Monaco Monaco
monégasque from Monaco
l'Europe Europe
européen European (male)
européenne European (female()
le Canada Canada
canadien Canadian (male)
canadienne Canadian (female)
le Québec Quebec
québecois from Quebec (male)
québecoise from Quebec (female)
le Haïti Haiti
haïtien Haitian (male)
haïtienne Haitian (female)
la Guadeloupe Guadeloupe
guadeloupéen Guadeloupean (male)
guadeloupéenne Guadeloupean (female)
la Martinique Martinique
martiniquais from Martinique
martiniquaise from Martinique
le Maroc Morocco
marocain Moroccan (male)
marocaine Moroccan (female)
la Tunisie Tunisia
tunisien Tunisian (male)
tunisienne Tunisian (female)
l'Algérie Algeria
algérien Algerian (male)
algérienne Algerian (female)
le Sénégal Senegal
sénégalais Senegalese (male)
sénégalaise Senegalese (female)
la Côte d'Ivoire the Ivory Coast
ivoirien from the Ivory Coast (male)
ivoirienne from the Ivory Coast (female)
l'île de la Réunion Reunion Island
réunionnais from Reunion Island (male)
réunionnaise from Reunion Island (female)
la Ruanda Rwanda
rwandais Rwandan (male)
rwandaise Rwandan (female)
le Congo the Congo
congolais Congolese (male)
congolaise Congolese (female)
le Madagascar Madagascar
malgache from Madagascar
le Niger Nigeria
nigérien Nigerian (male)
nigérienne Nigerian (female)
le Gabon Gabon
gabonais from Gabon (male)
gabonaise from Gabon (female)
le Burundi Burundi
burundais from Burundi (male)
burundaise from Burundi (female)
l'Afrique Africa
africain African (male)
africaine Afriecan (female)
l'Asie Asia
le Vietnam Vietnam
vietnamien Vietnamese (male)
vietnamienne Vietnamese (female)
le Cambodge Cambodia
cambodgien Cambodian (male)
cambodgienne Cambodian (female)
les Etats-Unis the United States
américain American (male)
américaine American (female)
Created by: Fournierm