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Auricular Final

Selection of Points for Treatment

Pain Shen Men, Point Zero (although "more gastrointestinal"), body part specific, meridian specific; if internal organs: Sympathetic
Muscle pain (myalgia) SP, LR (if worse with stress), "local," meridian
Eye problems (XS) Eye-2, LR, Wind Stream (if allergy). Can bleed: Er Jian
Eye problems (myopia) Vision 1 (Xu), Vision 2 (XS), LR, SYMPATHETIC (??)
Rhinitis/sinusitis Internal nose, LU, Wind Stream, Allergy Point, (for chronic sinusitis: Adrenal)
Hearing/tinnitus Internal ear, KD, SJ, "temple"
Sore throat Bleed Er Jian. Throat, LU, trachea
Phlegm/mucus LR, SP, digestive, ESOPHAGUS, throat
Selection of points: what are the 4 general choices? Corresponding body part (e.g. elbow point for elbow), According to TCM theory (e.g. LR for eye), According to West med theory (e.g. endocrine point for irregular menstruation), According to clinically proven efficacy (e.g., Wind Stream for skin itching
Examination of auricular points: what are the 3 general methods? Observation (discoloration, tubercles, nodules, depressions, vascular changes), "Detection of sensitive spots" (with probe, matchstick, or other end of filiform needle), Electronic detection (special device we don't have)
How many needles/seeds/magnets per ear? 3-5
How long retain ear needles? "30-60 minutes to several hours (in cases of pain or chronic conditions-- but not for children"
How many treatment constitutes a "course of treatment?" 7-10 times
Facial problems MOUTH & SAN JIAO points are KEY b/c facial nerve passes thru these areas.
Facial twitching LR, Shen Men, SAN JIAO, Subcortex, (Sympathetic if nervous type patient)
Facial rejuvenation KD, LR, SP, Endocrine
Hypertension Shen Men, LR Yang, Lower BP point, Sympathetic, Er Jian, Subcortex, OCCIPUT
Hypotension Thyroid, Adrenal, HEART, SUBCORTEX, (what about Raise Blood Pressure Point?)
Nocturnal enuresis KD, UB, Subcortex, EXCITING POINT
Urinary problems UB, SI, KD, Sympathetic, (Prostate), SAN JIAO, Ureter
What 2 points DILATE blood vessels? Subcortex, Sympathetic (can use these for either hyper- or hypotension)
Dizziness/vertigo LR Yang, KD, OCCIPUT, Inner Ear
Irregular Menses ENDOCRINE, Ovary, Uterus, KD, LR, SP
Painful Period Shen Men, Sympathetic, Uterus, Ovary, Abdomen, (Lumbar, Breast, Sacrum)
Infertility (female) THALAMUS, ENDOCRINE, KD, LR, Ovary, Uterus
Points for just before IVF Shen Men, Subcortex
Infertility (male) testes, ENDOCRINE, PITUITARY, THALAMUS, KD, (prostate)
Anxiety Shen Men, Subcortex, Sympathetic, Point Zero
Depression (Shen Men is contraindicated!) EXCITING, ADRENAL, Neurasthenia. (Subcortex, LR)
Insomnia Shen Men, Buddha's Triangle (Shen Men, Point Zero, HT), HT/KD or HT/SP
Smoking Cessation NADA (Sympathetic, Shen Men, KD, LR, LU). Could take out KD or LR and use Mouth or Anxious Point.
Weight Loss (overeating/stress type) Mouth, ST, Hunger, Shen Men
Weight Loss (slow metabolism type) Thalamus, ADRENAL, ENDOCRINE, PITUITARY, Ascites, SP, KD, Abdomen
THREE asthma points Triangular Depression (aka Stop Wheezing Point) and Adrenal (lower bump of tragus), Parotid Gland (aka Soothing Asthma Point)
Acid reflux Point Zero, ST, Cardiac Orifice (!!), (if excess acidity: Sympathetic)
Indigestion/Bloating/PA Point Zero (Diaphragm), SP, ST, LI, SI, (if diarrhea: Vagus Nerve Point)
Chronic hiccups Subcortex, Shen Men (handout says DIAPHRAGM Point)
Nausea Point Zero (Diaphragm), Cardiac orifice
Gallstone (if less than 1 cm) GB, LR, Sympathetic
Respiratory problems (cough, asthma) LU, KD, Trachea, STOP WHEEZING POINT (TRIANGULAR DEPRESSION), ADRENAL POINT, Sympathetic
Created by: mrbarr