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World History #1

Stack #108204

introduced procaine(novocaine) Braun
begins passive resistance in South Africa Ghandi
The Psychology of Dementia Praecox Jung
process for synthesizing ammonia Haber
Olympic Games 1908 London
went to the North Pole Cook and Peary
crossed the English Channel by aircraft Bleroit
Edward VII dies succeeded by George V
Cape Colony,Orange River Colony,Natal, and the Transvaal union of South Africa
First Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa Botha
elected first president of China in 1911 Yat-Sen
reached the South Pole Amundsen
discovered Machu Pichu Bingham
1912 Olympic games Stockholm
dies on the way back from the South Pole Scott
made a new atom model Bohr
sculpted The Little Mermaid Eriksen
World War I begins at Sarajevo
canal opened in 1914 Panama
German U-boat sinks the- Lusitania
Joseph dies and is succeeded by Charles I
The Hero of Verdun Petain
bloodiset battle in the history of warfare The Battle of Somme
the monk that dies at Rasputin Petrograd
1916 Rebellion Easter Rebellion
wireless message to the German ambassador The Zimmerman Note
favoring a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine The Balfour Declaration
begins after Nicholas II is abdicated The Bolsevik Revolution
uses an oil drop experiment Millikan
The Thinker, Gates of Hell, The Kiss Rodin
Dancing Class, Balet Scene Degas
Russia ends its participation in WWI with- Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
downs 80 Allied aircraft The Red Baron
family executed by order of Bolsheviks Romanov
La Mer, Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun Debussy
World War I ends in Compiegne on a railway car
adopts a resolution for a League of Nations The Versailles Peace Conference
Germany establishes the___which will rule until1933 Weimar Republic
Polish pianist and composer, named head of Poland Padereweski
Luncheon of the Boating Party Renoir
The Baltic States the gained independence from Russia: Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia
The League of Nations meets for the first time in- Geneva
1920 Olympic Games Antwerp, Belgium
convened at The Hague permanent Court of International Justice
A fascist dictatorship begins in 1922 in- Italy
discovered Ur Woolley
discovers the tomb of King Tut Carter
isolated insulin Best and Banting
staged the Beer Hall Putsch Hitler
The Turkish Republic is proclaimed with Kemal
dies of sclerosis Lenin
first-ever winter olympics Chamonix
La Boheme, Madama Butterfly Puccini
dies of cancer Yat-Sen
succeeded Yat-Sen Kai-shek
succeede Yoshihito Hirohito
flew over the North Pole Byrd,Bennett
first woman to swim the English Channel Ederle
Water-Lily Pond, Impression: Sunrise Monet
postulates Uncertainty Principle Heisenberg
world famous dancer killed by her scarf Duncan
signed by 63 world powers in an attempt to outlaw war Kellogg-Briand Pact
Coming of Age in Samoa Mead
proves that penicillin has anti-bacterial properties Fleming
1928 Olympic games Amsterdam
restores temporal powers to Vatican City Lateran Treaty
completes the first ever round the world air trip The Graf Zeppelin
crowned head of Ethiopia Selassie
in 1931 Japan invades Manchuria
begins a fast unto death Ghandi
discovers the neutron Chadwick
1932 Olympic Games Los Angeles
first concentration camp Dachau
Hitler comes to power as Chancellor of Germany in 1933
Chinese Commmunist forces begin The Long March under Zedong
Italian troops invade__in 1935 Ethiopia
deprive Jews of German citizenship Nuremberg Laws
invented radar Watson-Watt
invents the scale for measuring earthquake intensity Richter
leads a coup that overthrows the government in Nicaragua Somoza
takes over the Gestapo in 1936 Himmler
1936 Olympics Berlin
single handedly upsets Hitler's theories with four Gold Medals Owens
succeeded George V Edward VIII
Basque town decimated by aerial attack Guernica
Japanese bombers attack near Nanking The Panay Incident
Japanese force invade China 1937 The Rape of Nanking
Bolero, Spanish Rhapsody Ravel
Germany annexes- Austria
"I believe it is peace for our time." Chamberlain
Jewish shop windows smashed and 30,000 Jews sent to concentration camp Kristalnacht riots
World War II begins as- Germany invades Poland
German pocket battleshipin the Battle of the River Platte Graf Spee
invented the helicopter Sikorsky
Nazi government set up in Norway Quisling
put into action by German airforce and ground forces Blitzkrieg
evacuated in early June Dunkirk
exiled from Russia Trotsky
launches an all-out attack on Britain The German Luftwaffe
Axis Power Germany,Italy,Japan
Russian Army kills 4000 Katyn Forest Massacre
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