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microsoft Access

Microsoft Access can best be described as.... database software
How can you open Access? from the start menu
_______ is the Access object that provides an easy-to-use data entry screen Form
Tables,queries,and forms are examples of Access objects
_________ is the Access object that contains all of the raw data that has been entered within the data base. Talbe
A collection of records for a single subject, such as all of the patient reords, is called__________. A table
Number, Date/Time,and Text are all_______ ______ data types
_________is the data type that is used to sequntially order each recore added to a table Auto number
_________data type stores only one of two values. The Yes/no data type
A specific category of data such as a patient's name,city state, or phone number A field
A group of related fields, such as all the demorgraphis information for one patient is called a record
The two properties that are required for every field are _______ ________and________ ________ Field Name and Data Type
The term ________ _________ comes from the fact that two or more table are linked by a common field relational database
In a data sheet, ______ ______assumes that you are trying to change the value of a particular field edit mode
The ______ _______ _____ (____)moves focus to the first field of the current record Short cut key (home)
Created by: bulldog99