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Computer Apps vo4cab


a set of predawn shapes autoshapes
autoshapes, curves, lines, word art, or other objects that you create that are part of your word document or presentation. drawing objects
to save information from a source application with your presentation or document that can be modified embed
pictures inserted in the drawing layer. text can flow in front or behind the picture. floating pictures
an invisible network of lines that covers that drawing area and makes it easy to align drawing objects. grid
hypertext markup language, the universal language or file format used for displaying Web pages in a browser. html
pictures positioned directly in the text at the insertion point. word assumes that text will not wrap around the inline graphic inline pictures
an object in your file that is actually stored in a source file to which the user must have access. link
files other than drawing- bitmap, scanned pictures, photo, or clip art. pictures
small squares that surround clip art used for manipulating the object selection handles
invisible containers that allow you to position text and/or graphics text boxes
a drawing tool that turns word into a graph image word art
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