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Pega CBA Test

Pegasytems Certified Business Architect Exam

What represents a business transaction process you want to manage? Work
What are the potential process lifecycle stages Work can be in? 1. Entered 2. Assigned 3. Viewed 4. Searched 5. Processed 6. Resolved 7. Reopened
What is a description of the work? Work Type
What is a template used to create a sepcific work instance (work item). Work Type
What are the PRPC Roles? 1. User 2. Manager 3. Business Analyst 4. System Architect 5. System Administrator
Name the PRPC portals. 1. User 2. Manger 3. Business Analyst 4. Development
What defines the type of data a property will contain? Property Type
List the rules for naming a property. 1. Start with a letter 2. Alphanumeric 3. No punctuation marks 4. Case sensitive 5. Cannot start with px, py or pz 6. Requires a leading dot
What is an action to be performed by a single actor? Atomic Use Case
What becomes a connector in PRPC? Atomic Use Case
What does not involve change of ownership or functionality? Atomic Use Case
In which category is a flow rule? Process
In which category is a validate rule? Process
In which category is a property rule? Data Model
In which category is a section rule? User Interface
In which category is a decision rule? Decision
In which category is a declare expression rule? Decision
List the two flow types. 1. Process 2. Screen Flow
List the two Process flow types. 1. Starter Flow 2. Subflow
Which process flow type is used to create a work item? Starter Flow
Which flow type appears in the Run menu? Starter Flow
Which flow type is indicated in the Application Explorer by a Run icon (green arrow)? Starter Flow
What do you call a flow that is used by another flow? Subflow
What is a collection of common flow steps? Subflow
Which flow type presents a single user with a sequence of forms to complete the screens? Screen Flow
Which flows cannot be used as a Starter Flow? 1. Subflow 2. Screen Flow
What are recorded in the audit trail of the work item and can be specified on many shapes, but not on assignments? Audit Notes
What is a shared pool of open assignments from which multiple users can get work? Workbasket
List the ways in which work is distributed from workbaskets. 1. Claim 2. Auto assign 3. Assign
True/False: A workbasket must be assigned to a specific organization hierarchy and work group True
True/False: A workbasket is ordered in ascending urgency. False
True/False: One operator can be associated with multiple workbaskets. True
What is the sum of a work object's pxUrgencyWork property value plus an initial vlue specified on the first tab of the SLA rule form? Urgency calculation
What is the default value for urgency? 10
True/False: Assignment urgency values may exceed 100. False
List the valid PRPC Correspondence Types. 1. Email 2. Fax 3. Mail 4. Phone Text (SMS)
What is a business problem that requires an automated solution? Work Type
What are the methodologies, technologies and activities that connect all the elements, interactions, assets involved in executing a business process? Business Process Management (BPM)
What is defined by routing work through a business process to its completion according to defined business rules? Business Process Management (BPM)
What incorporates planning, designing, building, operating, maintaining and improving business process? Business Process Management (BPM)
Which element of a BPM is comprised of buiness rules that determine how work is completed and resolved? Process
Which elelments of a BMP application designs and manages user portals, forms, pages and other presentation layers? User Interface
Which element of a BPM application connects to and interoperates with multiple systems? Integration
Which element of a BPM application monitors work status and tracks progress? Reports
Which element of a BPM application communicates with others associated with a process? Correspondence
What are project goals that when reached signify a return or business benefit? Business Objective
What addresses one and only one thing? Cohesive Requirement
What is fully stated in one place with no missing information? Complete Requirement
What provides no contradictions with other requirements and documentation? Consistent Requirement
What meets all or part of a business need? Correct Requirement
What is not obsolete by passage of time? Current Requirement
List Pega's single value property types. 1. Date 2. Datetime 3. Decimal 4. Double 5. Identifier 6. Integer 7. Password 8. Text 9. Time of Day 10. True or False
This activity determines which workist or workbasket is to contain the assignment. Router
Where is a use case associated in a screen flow? Assignment
What is a clipboard page that has a property mode value of Page? Embedded Page
A when rule can be used on the following rules 1. Fork Shape 2. Harness Rule 3. Flow Action Rule
Which PRPC Functional Capability accepts and captures essential data describing work from multiple sources? Receiving
Which PRPC Functional Capability uses characteristics of the work, together with knowledge about the workforce, to make intelligent matches and assignments? Routing
Which PRPC Functional Capability provides real-time visiblity into work in progress, work completed, productivity, bottlenecks and quality? Reporting
Which PRPC Functional Capability supports analysis and decision-making by providing access to external systems and databases through connectors? Researching
Which PRPC Functional Capability communicates status, request for information, and progress to the work originator and to other people interested in the work Responding
Which PRPC Functional Capability complets the work, then updates downstream systems promptly, through automated processing and automated support of users via multiple channels? Resolving
Created by: Fran Spitz