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du Yao

Herb pairings

severe chills and fever, aversion to cold, no sweating, headache, body aches due to wind cold excess type be a syndrome due to wind cold and damp cough and asthma due to wind cold obstructing the lung Qi ma huang and gui zhi
coughing asthma due to wind and cold. Cough and asthma due to lung heat Ma Huang & Xing Ren
exterior pattern for either wind cold or when heat. Early stage of measles and skin eruptions with itching. Early stage of carbuncles or boils complete with chills and fever blood in the stool or urine. Excessive menstruation diarrhea or dysentery jing jie fang feng
common cold with headache, nasal congestion, and runny nose you to win the cold. Deep source nasal congestion with headache, loss of smell, and turbid nasal phlegm. Chronic acute rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, and frontal sinusitis sang ye & ju hua
early stage of measles, headache, fever. Incomplete irruption of measles, fever ge gen & sheng ma
4 bigs high fever, profuse sweating, a great thirst, surging pulse due to heat in the Chi level. xiao KE with poly-tipsy at, a dry mouth and tongue, and great thirst due to excessive lung heat shi gao + zhi mu
stomached heat, toothache, bleeding swollen painful gums, oral ulters, and glossitus. HHA dt heat entering the clear orifices xi xin + shi gao
irritability and agitation, insomnia, and vexation during or after a warm disease febrile. External contraction of when the heat of the febrile disease zhi zi + dan dou chi
fever, thirst and irritability due to warm febrile disease or wind heat. cough and wheezing due to Lung heat early-stage measles due to toxic heat. Urinary tract infection accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting due to stomach heat lu gen & bao mao gen
blood heat hematemesis epistaxis menstrual irregularities or postpartum abdominal pain due to blood heat causing blood stasis. Continuous low-grade fever due to in deficiency. hot red swollen and painful joints due to heat bii mu dan pi & dan shen
blood heat, chronic low-grade fever. In and body fluid deficiency, dry mouth, red and painful eyes. Chest and hypochondriac pain, abdominal pain. irregular menstruation or amenorrhea due to blood deficiency and stasis with heat chi shao & Bai shao
wilting of the lower limbs with pain due to Damp Heat pouring downward to the lower part. Damp heat in the genital area; vaginal discharge, external Badgley Jing, and cloudy scanty urination. Red, swollen, hot, painful joints do to wind damp heat Bi syn huang bai & cang zhu
dysentery with abdominal pain, and tenesmus du to Damp heat and qi stag in the lower jiao huang lian & Mu Xiang
cold and influenza due to wind heat warm fever disease with internal heat. HA,eye, Pain, toothache, sinusitis and painful swollen throat due to skin inflammation due to toxic heat. Skin eruption jin yin hua & Lian qiao
mouth and tongue ulser, swollen gum, a sore throat due to heat. Read swelling and carbuncle and arrhythmias and mumps and acute rash miu bang zi & lian qiao
painful read swollen throat due to end deficiency or access fire which damages in ban lan gen & xuan shen
neck lumps or nodules such as scrofula, swollen glands, or g fire xuan shen & Mu Li
summer heat and dampness marked by fever, restlessness, thirst, diarrhea, and difficulty in urine. Dan Pete or urinary bladder marked with dark urine, difficulty and painful urination or urinary stone hua shi & gan cao
steaming bone, night sweats, cough dt yin def. Malaria. Later stage of warm fevered disease qing hao & bei jia
in efficiency heat; afternoon fever, esteeming bones, and night sweats, excessive sexual desire and easy erection due to division fire and hyperactive ming men fire dysuria due to end efficiency and to yang to losing its ability to transform zhi mu & huang bai
constipation with hard dry stools and abdominal pain due to heat accumulation. Constipation with high fever, title fever, mental confusion due to excess heat in the yang ming fu chronic or severe constipation due to heat Da Huang & Mang Xiao
constipation, abdominal pain, aversion to coal, and cold winds due to cold accumulation Da Huang & Fu Zi
constipation to the body fluid deficiency after a warm fever disease. Constipation blood deficiency especially for elderly deficient constitution Dang Gui & Rou COng Rong
constipation of the division type due to dryness in the large intestine. Constipation of the excess type due to qi stagnation Tao Ren & Xing Ren
irritability, sores of the mouth and tongue and dark scanty urine due to HT heat transform into SI Mu tong & Dan zhu ye
Stone Strangury and urinary lithiasis d/t Damp heat in UB gallstones DT Damp Heat in GB Ji nei Jin& Hai Jin Sha
Turbid lin dT Damp heat Dysuria DT Heat Lin Acute Nephritis, UTI DT Damp Heat QU Mai & Bian XU
Turbid urine, freq urination and lin syn DT KD Def Leukorrhea, urethritis and Milky urine DT KD Def Yi Zhi ren & bi xie
wind edema DT wei qi def Bi Syn DT wind damp w Wei Qi def made by arthritis and numb limbs huang qi - Fang ji
moving rheumatic pain all over the body comment: with fever, shivers headache, neck pain and joint pain land. wind cold damp wind cold damp and penetrating channels and network vessel Qiang Huo & Du Huo
spasms and pain in the limbs DT harmony between qi and blood abdominal pain into Liver and spleen disharmony HA dt blood def bai shao & gan cao
cough and phlegm DT various etiologies primarily used for cold induced cough (warm but not dry) zi wan & kuan dong hua
chronic cough common cold, flu, bronchitis, tuberculosis bai qian & bai bu
cough and asthma DT wind or accumulaiton of cold phlegm in LU chronic cough adn asghma Dt LU and KD def wu wei zi & xi xin
cough and asthma w profuse clear and white phlemg dt cold in LU wu weu zi & gan jiang
dr cough w little phlegm and difficult expectoration Dt LU yin def cough Dt LU Heat which couses LU dryness chuan bei mu & zhi mu
cough and asthma w yellow sticky sputum & thick phlegm, fever and thirst Dt lung heat cough w evening fever w skin warm to touch Dt lung Der Heat di gu pi & sang bai pi
Lu def dt chronic cough, blood sputum zi wan & e jiao
cough dt accumulation of Damp Phlegm chest oppression nausea and vimiting dt ST disharmony and damp phlegm accumulation ban xia & Chen Pi
cough w copious clear bubbly sputum and pain, fullness in the chese dt cold phlegm chronic cough/phlegm in elderly and def patients lai fu zi & bai jie zi
pulmonary abscess w cough, profuse phlegm and chest oppresion dt heat stagnation. Pain redness and swelling of the throat dt heat loss of voice hoarse husky voice jie geng & Gan Cao
neck lumps/nodules suck as scrofula, lipoma swollen glands or goiter dt Phlegm fire can be in inguinal area zhe bei mu & xia ku cao
Nausea, vomiting w no thirst and greasy tongue coating dt damp phlegm in middle jaio Enduring cough w white watery and profuse phlegm ban xia & sheng jiang
hiccup nausea and vomiting dt disharmony and counter flow of st qi vertigo agitation and insomnia dt phlegm turbidity nausea/vomit during preg dt dishar of st phlegm heat on st heat zhu re & ban xia
nausea, voniting and epigastric abdominal distention dt SP ST def mixed w cold and heat nausea and vomiting during preg zhu ru & chen pi
disharmony SP ST nausea viniting and diarrhea dt wind cold exterior and damp interior naussea and vomit dt summer heat Huo Xiang and zi si ye
acid regurgitation nausea, belching, and bitter taste dt lv fire attacking ST diarrhea and dysentery dt damp heat wu zhu yu + huang lian
nausea vomiting hiccup dt turbid phlegm stagnation in diaphragm area cough adn wheezing with phlegm nose bleed - hypertension xuan fu hua & dai zhe shi
chills and fever, slight sweating , HA dt W-c def type ying and wei disharmony. spon or night sweats ying and wei disharmony gui zhi & bai shao
sweating aversion to wind and fever DT disharmonny Ying constructive and wei defensive. fatigue, lack on strength sheng jiang and da zao
lv qi stag causing disharmony qi and blood. vertigo, unclear vision, PMS breast distention. disharmony Lv and SP chai hu - bai shao
alt chills and fever shao yang syndrome chai hu - huang qin
nausea and vomiting from shao yang syndrome. Pi sund nausea no appetitie, fullness in stomach dt heat/cold ban xia - huang qin
disharminy exteriore and interior, alternating chill and fever Malerial disorder, cold damp cao guo - chang shan
chest oppression and dist or chest Bi dt phlegm and qi stag. dist of acending and descending. zhi ke - jie geng
chest bi , cardiac disease dt turbid phlegm blocking the qi and yang of the chest. Constipation dt dryness of LI or qi stag. gua lou - xie bai
abdom pain dt cold sonstraint adn qi stag. acute chronic dysentery tenesmus xiang fu - wu yao
No appetite, ab distention/pain, difficult poop dt food retention in ST & LI Dysentary w tenesmus & pain dt qi stag mu xiang - bing lang
Cardiac and chest pain DT blood stasis. menstrual issues and dark clots dt blood stasis. fixed stabbing pain dt blood stasis Tao Ren & Hong Hua
Pain Dt qi and blood stag in viscera. menstrual issues dt blood stasis. bi shun dt Wind Damp causing Qi and blood stag. Ru Xiang & Mo yao
Abdominal mass Dt qi/blood stagnation menstrual issues dt blood stasis. ab pain dt food accumulation. san leng & E zhu
Menstrual issues Dt blood stasis. HA dt blood def of stasis Chuan Xiong & Dang Gui
Pain Dt qi/blood stag. Menstrual issues pain dt retention of lochia or blood stasis Pu Huang & Wu ling zhi
Hot Bleeding or hemmoriods Di Yu & Huai hua
Chrinic illness leading to qi def. prolapse dt Sp qi sinking. Spon swt Dt qi def low grade fever dt qi def ren shen & huang qi
Ht disease w cold linbs cold sweat. collapse of qi jue yin synd in Shang han lun cold limbs ren shen - fu zi
edema acc of damp dt sp def. fatigue, weakness of limbs. loose stool dt sp def. cough from damp phlegm dt sp def. bai zhu - fu ling
Middle qi sinking, prolapse chai hu - sheng ma
xiao ke syndrome (diabetes) Chrnic ap and st qi def huang qi - shan yao
chronic cough dt yin def of KD dt blood def, Blood def shu di huang - dang gui
dlood yin and jing def dt weakness of ST/SP def dhu di huang - sha ren
qi and blood def, low grade fever, sores and welling abscesses, aemorrgages DT qi and blood def dang gui - huang qi
eye disorders, pain in low back and knees dt LV- KD def gou qi zi - ju hua
cold sweat, cold limbs and a minute pulse dt yang collapse fu zi - gan jiang
menopausal syndrome DT KD Yin/Yang Def. Hypertension w cold limbs aversion to cold and weak back and knees! xian mao - yin yang huo
aches and pains weak lower limbs DT LV/KD(sinew/bone) def. metorrhagia during pregnancy, miscarrage. du zhong - xu duan
dry mouth, thirst, dry cough w little phlegm DT yin def. upper xiao ke w excessive drinking thirst and dry throat dt lung heat damage fluids tain men dong - mai men dong
Tidal fever, steaming bones and night sweats dt yin def. stirring LV wind. Hypertention, HA, vertgo DT liver yang rising. Gui ban - Bie jia
xiao Ke diabetes w dry mouth and throat, red tongue little coating.
Pain in HT and hypocondrium Dt lv qi stag or blood stasis. dysmenorrhea and irreg dt qi stag or blood stasis. inguinal hernia or testicular pain dt qi stag in LV channel chuan lian zi - yan hu suo
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