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reservoir noun 1 place for collecting water 2 something that holds a liquid or fluid 3 a place where anything is collected or accumulated in great amount
desecrate verb to violate or dishonor a sacred or hallowed place
meticulous adjective precise, thorough, extreme care about minute details
hue noun 1 color 2 outcry or clamor
assail verb 1 assault or attack verbally 2 attack with arguments, criticism, or ridicule 3 undertake to master 4 beset or disturb
lax adjective 1 careless, negligent 2 loose
stronghold noun 1 home, refuge 2 fortress
berate verb scold, rebuke
negligent adjective 1 lazily careless 2 characterized by neglect
canopy noun an overhead covering
rivet noun- a metal pin that holds 2 pieces together verb-to hold(the eye, attention, etc.) firmly
germane adjective relevant, related, applicable
archives noun 1 an expensive record or collection of data 2 a place where public records and historical documents are stored
strew verb scatter or spread widely
incongruous adjective 1 out of place, inconsistent 2 innapropriate
timbre noun tone or the characteristic sound prodduced by an instrument
envelop verb 1 surround 2 to wrap up in or as in a covering
durable adjective lasting, enduring, able to resist wear and decay
girth noun 1 the measure around anything 2 a band that passes underneath a horse to hold a saddle in place verb encircle, to fasten with a girth
entreat verb ask earnestly, implore, beg
contingent adjective 1 dependent on 2 uncertain 3 happening by chance, accidental
anachronism noun something or someone that belongs or seems to belong to another time
array verb 1 to place in proper or desired order 2 to dress up
ephemeral adjective lasting a short time, brief noun shortlived organism like a mayfly
demur verb to object