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Stack #1076166

Google Spreadsheets

What does a spreadsheet do? A spreadsheet, like a table, organizes data in rows and columns.
What is google spreadsheet? Google Spreadsheets is the spreadsheet application in the Google Docs suite.
What is a row? A row is spreadsheet data arranged horizontally. In Google Spreadsheets, rows are numbered sequentially.
What is a column? A column is spreadsheet data arranged vertically. In Google Spreadsheets, columns are lettered alphabetically.
What is a cell? A cell is the intersection of a row and column.
What is a cell address? A cell address is the column letter followed by the row number, used to reference a cell in calculations.
Where do you access the menu bar? There is a menu bar at the top of the workspace, with a toolbar just below that; most commands and functionality are accessed from either the menu bar or the toolbar.
Where do you enter formulas? Below the toolbar is a Formula bar that you use to enter and edit formulas in your spreadsheet.
What is a template A template is a combination of cell, number, and text formatting (and in some cases graphics) to which you can add your own numbers and text.
can you work on spreadsheets created in microsoft excel in google spreadsheets? You can use Google Spreadsheets to work on spreadsheet files you've previously created in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs.
Where are google doc spreadsheets stored? By default, all the spreadsheets you work with in Google Docs are stored on Google's servers.
What special formats will export spreadsheet files in? -Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx) -Comma Separated Values (.csv) -Plain text (.txt) -Open Document Spreadsheet (.ods)
What is a Sheet A sheet is within a Spreadsheet file. It is a single page or tab that contains its own spreadsheet data.
What do excel and google spreadsheets have in common? Like Excel, Spreadsheets enable you to work with multiple sheets within a single spreadsheet file. Unlike Excel, which also starts with 3 sheets per file, Google Spreadsheets contain a single sheet by default. You can then add additional sheets to the
What is a range? A range is a group of contiguous cells in a spreadsheet.
Why would you need to select multiple cells? You often need to select multiple cells at the same time. This is useful if you are applying formatting to more than one cell, or if you are selecting a group of cells for a particular equation.
What is a reference A reference is a way of noting individual cells or cell ranges elsewhere in a spreadsheet.
How would you write a range? For example, the range that starts with cell A1 and ends with B9 is written like this: A1:B9
How are numbers formatted? -If you type only numbers, the data will be formatted as a number (with no commas or dollar signs)
What happens when you type a dollar sign in front of a number? -If you type a number with a dollar sign ($) in front of it, the data will be formatted as currency
How are alphabetical numbers formatted? -If you type any alphabetical characters, the data will be formatted as text
What happens when You type numbers separated by “_” or “/? -If you type numbers separated by the "-" or "/" characters (such as 12-31 or 1/2/12, the data will be formatted as a date
What happens when u type numbers separated by a “:”? -If you type numbers separated by the ":" character (such as 2:13), the data will be formatted as time
how can a number be expressed? A number can be expressed as a whole number, percent, fraction, currency, date, or exponential (scientific notation).
What does text formatting in google spreadsheets include? Text formatting in Google Spreadsheets includes changing font, font size, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough and font color.
How can you align text? You can align text horizontally in an individual cell left (default), right or center.
How can You align text vertically? You can align text vertically (to the top, bottom, or center of the cell) or allow long text to wrap to multiple lines in a cell.
Can you change the cell background and add borders? You can change the background color and add borders to any cell or range of cells within a spreadsheet.
How can you sort cells? You can sort a selected range of cells. or sort all cells within selected columns.
How can you sort data? You can sort cell data in ascending order (A to Z or 1-9) or descending order (Z to A of 9-1).
What happens when you sort by range? When you sort by range, you sort only those selected cells in the range.
What happens when you sort by column? When you sort by column, you sort all the cells in the spreadsheet by the selected columns.
Can you include multiple sub sorts when you sort by range? When you opt to sort by range, you can include multiple sub sorts.
Can you include multiple sub sorts when you sort by range? That is you sort by Column A first, by Column B next, and then by Column C.
What file does Google spreadsheets convert to before you print? Google Spreadsheets converts the spreadsheet into a PDF file, which you can then print from within Adobe Reader.
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