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ITGS Group 9

Why do people pirate software?

In some cases, this consisted of a ________________________ that made it difficult to copy the data from one medium onto another. A few lines of code
Not all DRM strategies are that __________________. Extreme
But by its very nature, DRM places ________________________. Restrictions on the user
Piracy remains a big _____________for software companies Concern
This concern has led companies to attempt to solve the _____________ through several different approaches. Problem
It's part of U.S. copyright law and is called the _____________________. Difficult
And it's much easier to __________________ than it is a novel or magazine. Create a copy
Software providers could _____________ for the lower profit margin by making it up in volume. Compensate
There's no globally accepted _______________ for software piracy. Explanation
It's true that some people will steal software based on ________________. What it costs
One stolen ___________ of software wouldn't be distinguishable for an organization that large and profitable. Piece
The pirate might think that a piece of software is _________________. Overpriced
The computer appears to act like an ___________ filter. Ethical
The act of piracy doesn't seem to carry with it any __________. Consequences
The pirate doesn't see the harm in his or her actions and the likelihood of getting caught is ___________. Low
It's easy to ______________ software. Access Pirated
But some pirates steal software in order to _______________. Sell it
These pirates __________ cost companies money. Do
Companies face a ______________ situation. Difficult
Software piracy is a real and ongoing concern for ____________ of companies. Hundreds
But it may not make a dent in ______________ statistics. Piracy
Created by: DougDanMimi