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Skeletal Muscle Mechanics - Test 4

What is skeletal muscle mechanics? How skeletal muscle operates to perform a function
What is a single muscle twitch? A skeletal muscle contraction resulting from a single action potential
True or False, the electrical event precedes the mechanical event? True
Why is single twitch submaximal? The sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca++ATPase lowers the Ca++ concentrations before the skeletal muscle can develop its maximum tension
What is a multiple twitch? It is when skeletal muscle responds to several multiple action potentials delivered at a high frequency which increases the force of contraction up to the maximum tension.
What are the two methods of producing a graded response that allows to produce just the force needed to lift a specific load? 1. Frequency 2. Recruitment
What is temporal Summation? A series of action potentials generated at a high enough frequency to increase the tension in a skeletal muscle fiber beyond that produced by a single action potential
What is tetany? Maximal skeletal muscle contraction produced by a series of hihg frequency action potentials
What are the 2 types of fatigue? 1. Nerve Fatigue 2. Skeletal fatigue
What causes nerve fatigue? The depletion of neurotransmitter
What causes muscle fatigue? Depletion of glycogen storage
True or false, the more sarcomeres a skeletal muscle has in parallel, the stronger the fiber becomes? True
True or false, the more sarcomeres a skeletal muscle has in series, the faster its velocity of contraction becomes? True
What is a motor unit? The alpha motor neuron and all aof the skeletal muscle fibers it innervates.
How many muscle fibers does a motor unit consist of? As many as One fiber to several Thousand.
Once max tension is acheived in a muscle fiber, can an increase in nerve stimulation continue to increase the force of contraction? No.
The graded response that activates the smallest motor units first, then larger and larger units are added until the load is lifted, is refered to what process? Recruitment
True or False, skeletal muscle contraction involves both an active tension and a passive tension? True
What is the active tension curve displaying? The shortening of the sarcomere
What is the Total Tension curve? The addition of the passive tension curve plus the active tension curve
In the active tension curve where does resting sarcomere length occur? At the peak
In the passive tension curve where is the resting sarcomere length displayed? At the very beginning
How many different types of muscle fibers are there? 3: Fast Glycolytic (White), Fast Oxidative Glycolytic (Fast Red), and Slow Oxidative (Red)
True or False, White muscle fibers are used for endurance? False, White fibers contibute the power or strength
What is the most abundant skeletal muscle fibers in humans? Fast Oxidative Glycolytic (Fast Red)
What type of muscle fibers predominately express the enzymes involved in glycolysis? Fast Glycolytic or White
What type of muscle fibers evenly express the enzymes involved in glycolysis and the Keb's Cycle? Fast Oxidative Glycolytic or Fast Red Fibers
What type of muscle fibers predominately express the enzymes involved in the Kreb's Cycle? Slow Oxidative or Slow Red
True or Fasle, Every muscle group contains all three fiber types? True
Which type of muscle fiber can be expressed as another type depending upon the persons activities? Fast Oxidative Glycolytic or Fast Red
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