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Word Unit 6 Vocab

Word unit 6 vocabulary

What type of indent is frequently used with biblographies and refernces cited (first line is at the margin, all other lines are indnted / hanging indent
What is the white space around the edges of a document called ? Margins
When the first line of a paragraph is indented it is called what ? first-line indent
What type of alignment is used for Titles ? Center
What type of spacing leaves a blank line in-between each line of the text ? double
When you change margins for a particular section in a document you create what ? section break
What type of text alignment is frequently seen in newspapers & magazines where both the left and right sides of the paragraph are perfectly straight ? justified
What is the setting that controls the amount of spacing between lines of text within a paragraph ? line spacing
What are the dots or dashes that fill the blank space before the tab setting ? leaders
What are the small characters that appear before an item in alist called ? bullets
What type of lists are good when items appear sequentially of in order ? numbered
What is the setting called that controls the amount of spacing before and/or after a paragraph ? paragraph spacing
What type of centering is it when text is positioned so there is an equal amount of white space at the left and right sides of text ? horizontal
What kind of tab keeps a column of numbers lined up with decimal points even ? decimal
What marks the place where the insertion point will stop when your tab key is pressed tabs
What kind of spacing means that htere is an equal amount of white space above and below the text ? vertical
What is the default tab setting in word left
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