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Word 07 Vocab

AutoCorrect automatically changes spelling/grammar/formattign errors as you type
Default pre-set standards
Fonts The general shape and style of characters
Alignment the lining up of the first character of each line to either the right, left, or center of teh document
Insertion Point The flashing line at which characters appear as you type
Line Spacing the space between each line of text
Spelling Checker an aspect of Word that scans the document and locates spelling/grammar errors and offers suggestions on how to fix them
Tab tabs are preset locations on the rulers where you can enter text
Thesaurus Offers similar replacements for words
Word Wrap autoamtically moving text from one line to another without a hard enter; called a soft return
Clipboard where copied text/pictures are held for use
Copy copying selected text to the clipboard
Cut removing selected text and placing in clipboard
Insert Mode inserts characters at insertion point
File Extension the type of file the documetn is saved as
File Icon the image of the docuement in your file list
Overtype Mode characters are entered over previous text
Paste inserting text/images from the clipboard
First Line-Indent indenting of the first line of a paragraph
Read-Only allows you to view a document without changing its information
Undo reverses last action
Hanging Indent indenting of all lines except first of a parapgraph
Font Effects special effects applied ot fonts
Gutter space between two columns
Symbols special text characters
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