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Hem1 Chp39 DelTech

Review of chap39 for Hematology 1 DelTech Owens

Point of Care Testing describes a test that is __ in complexity. low
What are the 2 basic principles at work in hematology instrumentation? electrical impedance and optical scatter
How many drops of blood are required to run an automated test with modern equipment? Ten drops
Automated instruments offer greater __ and precision. accuracy
If blood cells stick together as they pass through the aperture of an automated instrument, the result will be a falsely __ cell count. decreased
One way to correct bad cell counts on automated machines is to __ the blood sample. dilute
If results of a blood cell count has dire consequences for the patient, you must call the patient's __. doctor
The majority of labs in the area use __ brand cell counters. Coulter
Coulter cell counters work on the principle of __ impedance. electrical
On a Coulter machine, the amplitude (or height) of each pulse is proportional to cell __. size
Coulter machines use VCS technology, allowing them to measure __, __, and __ __. volume, conductivity, light scatter
Coulter machines can report a false increase in HGB if WBCs in the sample are __. elevated
Coulter machines can report a false increase in HGB if lipids in the sample are __. elevated
Coulter machines can report a falsely increased MCV and RBC count is the sample has cold __. agglutination
Coulter machines can report a falsely increased MCV count if the blood sample has __. rouleaux
The letter "R" beside a result means the lab technician should __ the machine's results. review
On a platelet histogram, the __ is a measure of the average volume of platelets in a sample and is analogous to the erythrocyte MCV. MPV
In normal patients, there is an inverse relationship between platelet __ and size. count
Platelet volume increases as platelet count __. decreases
Patients with a low platelet count have a lower __. MPV
Young platelets are __ and cause an increased MPV. larger
If the platelet count is normal, then an MPV between 7.4 and 10.4 fl is in the __ range. normal
The rule of three: RBC x 3 = __. HGB
The rule of three: HGB x 3 = __. HCT
__ controls monitor the performance of the volume, conductivity, and light scatter for the automated differential. Latron
What kind of graph can be used to monitor the control values for each parameter of the cell counter? Levey-Jennings
The analyzer is considered accurate when the MCV, MCH, and MCHC of a batch of 20 patients are within __ percent of the expected mean indices. three
__ checks are another method of quality control. (The missing word means "difference.") Delta
Don't forget to use the "Targets" button below the test to try your hand at reading scatter plots!
Created by: IsaacJ