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The Count of Monte Cristo Review

1. Who is Edmund’s jealous boyhood friend who betrays Edmund? Count Mondago, "Fernando Mondago."
2. Who is a poor, uneducated man who is charged with treason and sent to Chateau D’lf? Edmund Dantes, "The Count of Monte Cristo."
3. Who is jealous of Edmund when Edmund is named the captain of a ship? Danglaro, who becomes the first mate of the ship.
4. Who is the priest who teaches Edmund how to read, write, do math, understand economics and politics and to sword fight? The Priest is the old man who has been in Chateau D'lf for years already.
5. Who is the woman Edmund loves? The woman Edmund loves is Mercedes.
6. Who is a dishonest magistrate (judge) who sends Edmund to prison even though he knows Edmund did not commit treason? Villefort sends Edmund to prison
7. Who is a highly educated man who uses his riches to plot revenge and get justice? The Count of Monte Cristo, "Edmund Dantes"
8. Who is the son of Mercedes and Edmund? The son of Mercedes & Edmund is Albert Mondago
9. Who is a pirate who becomes Edmund’s faithful servant? Jacopo
10. What is the setting of The Count of Monte Cristo? First they go to the island of Elba, France. After that they go to Paris, France.
11. What is the mood of The Count of Monte Cristo? the mood is "Exciting"
12. What military leader has been exiled to the island of Elba? Napoleon Villefort
13. Why do Edmund Dantes and Fernand Mondago take the captain of their ship to Elba? they take him over there because he was dying, and they needed to find medicine.
14. While Edmund and Fernand are on the island of Elba, Napoleon gives Edmund a letter to take back to France. . What is the most likely reason Napoleon gave the letter to Edmund to take back to France? Edmund keeps his promises
15. Morell, the owner of the shipping company, makes Edmund the new captain of the ship. Why are Edmund and Mercedes excited about Edmund’s new job? Because they don't have to wait 4 years for their marriage. they would eventually have enough money to get married soon.
16. Edmund is betrayed, arrested, and sent to Villefort, the Magistrate, on charges of treason. Who betrayed Edmund? His childhood friend Fernand Mondago
17. Which of the following is an example of person vs. person? When Edmund has to fight Jacopo for his life.
18. Why does Villefort decide to send Edmund to the Chateau D’If? Because he was doing a favor for Napoleon Banarbart.
19. What happens every year on the anniversary of Edmund’s imprisonment? They come to hit him in the back with a whip.
20. Who does Edmund meet in the Chateau D’If several years after being in the Chateau D’If? He meets the Priest.
21. What is the priest doing when he meets Edmund? He was digging under, trying to escape, but he ended up in Edmund's cell.
22. What does the priest tell Edmund to use the treasure of Sparta to do? He gave him a map that takes him somewhere, where he hid a treasure
23. How does Edmund escape from the Chateau D’If? When the Priest died, they put him in a bag with chains, But Edmund replaces the priest's body for his. they threw him in the sea, but Edmund managed to escape by swimming to shore.
24. Why does Jacopo become Edmund’s loyal servant? Because Edmund doesn't kill him, and he also doesn't let the other pirates kill him.
25. Edmund returns to Marseille, France disguised as Zatara, the pirate. He goes to see his former shipping boss, Morrell. What does Edmund learn from Morrell? that Edmund's father hung him self because Edmund got sent to prison
26. What is Edmund’s goal after he becomes the Count of Monte Cristo? To take revenge on the people who betrayed him
27. During the party the Count of Monte Cristo has and Alberts birthday, why do Fernand, Mercedes, and Villefort not recognize the Count of Monte Cristo as Edmund? Because he is now more educated than Edmund was before.
28. What does Edmund do to Danglers? he tricks him into trying to steal treasure from The Count of Monte Cristo.
29. What does Edmund do to Villefort? he convinced him into saying that he killed his father and Edmund's too. i didn't really understand him when he was saying all that.
30. What mistake does the Count of Monte Cristo make that causes Mercedes to know he is really Edmund? he says he doesn't know Edmund Dantes but Mercedes never said his last name, she just said "Edmund".
31. Why did Mercedes marry Fernand Mondago? He married him because she wanted him to take care of his son while he was growing up because she was pregnant from Edmund before they sent him away.
32. Which of the following is an example of person vs. self in The Count of Monte Cristo? When he promises the Priest that the rest of the money he has was only going to be for Good & for Good only.
33. What did Edmund do to Fernand Mondago? he kills him in a sword fight.
34. What does Edmund promise the Priest at the end of The Count of Monte Cristo? that he will use the rest of the treasure for GOOD only.
35. What do you think the chess piece SYMBOLIZES? Explain your answer. to me it symbolizes revenge because, before Edmund gets sent to prison, Fernand gives him a chess piece, and whenever Fernand tries to steal a trunk fool of treasure he sees the black chess piece that he gave Edmund.
36. Why do you think Edmund puts this piece in the bottom of the empty trunk for Fernand to find? (Remember, Fernand thought there was a fortune in gold in the trunk.) To remind him that he is still alive, and that he will get revenge from Fernand
37. What literary term is a problem? Conflict
38. What literary term is atmosphere; it is usually determined by the setting? the Mood
39. What literary term is where a story takes place includes the time and place? the Setting
40. What literary term is the author’s lesson or message? the Theme
41. What literary term is a conflict that is created when a character must make a difficult decision? Internal Conflict
42. What literary term is a person has a conflict facing his or her destiny? Person vs Fate
43. What literary term is a conflict caused by an outside force? External conflict
44. What literary term is a conflict with any force of nature such as the weather, animals, or death? person vs Nature
45. What literary term is a conflict between two people (for example an argument or fight)? person vs person
46. What literary term is one person in conflict with a group of people? person vs society
47. What literary term is the relationship between the narrator and the reader ; how the story is told? point of view
48. What literary term hints in the story that help you predict what will happen later in the story? foreshadowing
49. What literary term is the “person” telling the story? narrator
50. What literary term is the narrator’s /author’s attitude towards the story? Tone
51. What literary term is when the narrator of a story is a character in the story ? 1st person
52. What literary term is a person or animal in a story? personification
53. What literary term is when the narrator is all knowing and can tell the reader about the past, present, and future? 3rd Omniscient.
54. What literary term is the character who creates problems for the protagonist ; the bad guy? the Antagonist
55. What literary term is when the narrator is NOT part of the story and can tell the reader what only one character is seeing and thinking ? 3rd limited
56. What literary term is the main character in the story ; good guy the Protagonist
57. What literary term is the difference between appearance and reality Irony
58. What literary term is characters who are not as important in a story Minor characters
59. What literary term is a character whose personality does NOT change in a story Static characterization
60. What literary term is a character whose personality changes in a story Dynamic characterization
61. What literary term is the quality is a story that keeps the reader interested Rising action
62. What literary term is something that represents something else Symbol
63. What literary term is when the personality of a character is revealed through the characters thoughts and actions Indirect characterization
64. What literary term is when the narrator or another character tells the reader about a character’s personality direct characterization
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