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SSA-Roberto Armes

Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook by Eleanor Davis

Who wrote the book? Eleanor Davis
What’s the main character’s name? Julian Calendar
What school does Julian move to? Mosburg Junior High
How old does Julian look? 8 years old
Who’s notorious? Greta Hughes
What was Stringer planning to do with the SSA invention prototypes? Steal from the museum
What did Stringer really try to steal? Kablovsky’s Thinking Cap
What did the SSA believe Stringer would steal? Bust of Ashurbanipal
What invention did the SSA use to quickly get to the museum? Kablovsky Copter
How long did it take to get to the museum? 12 min., 06 sec.
What did Stringer call Ben? Dumb Jock and Brawny Backup
What did Stringer call the SSA? The Junior League Mosburg Museum Defenders
What invention did Julian use to prevent Stringer from escaping? Glue Bomb
What’s the solvent to the glue bomb? Orange soda, vinegar, and laundry detergent
When was the book published? 2009
When did Julian first start at his new school? April 5th
Who’s the best player in basketball, baseball, soccer, tae kwon do, etc.? Ben Garza
Who’s the really mean science teacher? Mrs. Runtzheimer
What were the scores of Julian and Ben respectively? 120, 35
Who gave the lecture at the school? Dr. Wilhelm Stringer
What did Mrs. Runtzheimer ask Julian about when he revealed he was super smart? Propellers
What kind of message was the note in Julian’s locker? Polyalphabetic Cipher
Who met Julian at Dora’s Diner? Greta Hughes and Ben Garza
Who is the hero of Greta and Ben? Professor Andro Kablovsky
Who’s a preeminent expert on Mesopotamia and the museum director? Dr. Russell Hughes (Greta’s dad)
Which experiment replica of Kablovsky was on display? Humoridor
What was the hatband of Kablovsky’s had made out of? Isaac Newton’s waistcoat
Who stole the science notebook and what’d they make? Stringer, Smell-O-Tron 2000
Created by: august11