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The Odyssey eng 9

The Odyssey

Basic of an Epic: 1.a long,... poem that traces the adventure of an epic hero 2.features a(n) ... for inspiration and to summarize the plot 3.epics begin ... 4.features gods or goddess that either ... or ... the hero 5.mood is ... narrative, invocation to the muse, en medias res, help, harm, serious
The Epic Hero: 1.a legendary figure who embodies the goals of an entire ... or .. neither completely ... or completely ... superhuman but not ... of high and ... birth 5.possess a ... nation, culture, good, evil, supernatural, noble, flaw
The Greek Minstrel Homer: 1.he lived about ... said he may have been ... 3.his ... along with other Greek epics, are said to have been the basis for Greek ... and ... 4.achieved classic status in ... 800 b.c., blind, poems, education, culture, 400 b.c.
Homer's First Epic: 1.set in ...(year) the epic, ..., prince, captures the queen of the Greek city Sparta, ... 3.the Greeks attack the prince's city in order to rescue their their queen, which result with a ... year war 1200 b.c., Paris, Helen, ten, Odysseus, horse,
Homer's Second Epic: 1.the epic begins after ... has been punished to ... years of hardships after the Trojan War 2.for those ... years, ... travels the ... sea suffering through many interesting encounters Odysseus, ten, ten, Odysseus, Mediterranean,
Key Ideas: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Characteristics: 1. 2. 3. love of home, loyalty to family, hospitality, wandering, the sea, interference of the gods, the epic hero, courage, cleverness, superhuman strength
While on the island of ..., home of the ..., Odysseus and his men are successful in defeating these people. However against Odysseus' wishes, his men continue to sack the village, allowing the enemy to gather reinforcements and counterattack.Loses ... men Ismarus, Cicones, 72
..., King of the Cyclopes, is the son of ... Polyphemus, Poseidon
..., Odysseus' faithful nurse, recognizes Odysseus (even though disguised as beggar) when she washes his feet. Eurycleia
..., is Odysseus' loyal swineherd to whom Athene guides Odysseus upon the hero's return. Eumaeus
the ... sing an enchanting song that lures sailors near their rocky shores. Odysseus avoids these creatures by filling his men's ears with ... and binding himself tightly to the ship's mast Sirens, bees' wax
... flings a tripod at Odysseus, who is disguised as a beggar, and ... chucks a stool at him Antinous, Eurymachus
After leaving Calypso, Odysseus washes up on the shores of ... where he meets king ..., king of the ... Scheria, Alcinous, Phaecians
... of ... turns Odysseus' men to swine and keeps Odysseus for one year Circe, Aeaea
... tells Odysseus about two creatures that reside in the Straits of Messina; one, ..., is a giant whirlpool that ... times daily sucks in and vomits forth her waters; the other, ..., is a dreadful creature, with ... heads that no one can face without fea Circe, Charybdis, three, Scylla, six
As Odysseus and his men prepare to face ..., the "dreadful creature" mentioned above, he motivates his men by ... Scylla, reminding them of defeating Polyphemus
..., a minstrel, and ... are spared their lives when Odysseus seeks vengeance upon the suitors Phemius, Medon
... is the minstrel, who is credited with the creation of the Odyssey Homer
Odysseus and Telemachus are assisted by ... and ..., two loyal men who fight valiantly against the suitors Philoetius, Eumaeus
The ... destroy all but one of Odysseus' ships Laestrygonians
... calls on ... to avenge the slaughter of his ... and the only survivor of this ordeal is ... Hyperion, Zeus, sacred cattle, Odysseus
... is captain of the winds; he provides Odysseus with ... Aeolus, a bag of unfavorable winds
... out of fifty betray Odysseus twelve
... is the person who gave Odysseus the bow used in the tournament of axes Iphitus
... is the alias Odysseus uses in the King of the Cyclopes' cave, ... is the alias he uses when disguised as a beggar Noman, Aethon
At the conclusion the Odyssey, "..., in the form and voice of ..., presently made a covenant of peace between the two parties" Athene, Mentor
3 most important episodes 1. The Cicones because it showed Odysseus a very important lesson in never underestimating his enemies 2.The Laestrygonians showed Odysseus that his men would rather do what they think is right rather than following instructions
3 most important episodes part 2 3.Scylla&Charybdis showed Odysseus to choose options that benefit the greater people even if their both undesirable.
Odysseus as epic hero: 1. ... 2.king of ... 3. ... but not supernatural 4. neither .../... 5. posses a flaw: Odyssey is ... 6.travels very far ... 7.learns ... high and noble birth, Ithaca, superhuman, hubris(excessive pride), from home, valuable lessons in which he brings home with him
Odysseus Crafty: 1. Polyphemus' cave, trapped, Polyphemus gets drunk from wine Odysseus gives to him, while sleeping Odysseus stabs Polyphemus' eye out with wooden stake, when Polyphemus releases sheep, Odysseus has men hide under them to escape
Odysseus Crafty Part 2: 2. Sirens, 3 of Odysseus men listen to Sirens and forget homeland, Odysseus straps men to boat so they don't go near, communicates with eyebrows
Odysseus Crafty Part 3: 3.Home to Ithaca, has maids who were disloyal to Odysseus clean up dead bodies, maids didn't know their fate while cleaning, after cleaning, Odysseus has them hanged, doesn't have to clean bodies himself and kills maids
Penelope Crafty: 1.suitors want Penelope to marry, she delays marriage for 4 years by saying she'll marry when finished weaving a pall but at night she would remove the weave to start again.
Penelope Crafty 2: makes tournament of axes, she knows that only Odysseus could shot arrow through all 12 axes, said whoever did it, she will marry
Penelope Crafty 3: test Odysseus identity, says someone moved the bed that he made with his own hands, Odysseus deemed it impossible, then Penelope knows its Odysseus
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