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Poe Literature vocab

from 4 stories

Amontillado a pale, dry spanish sherry; or wine
Impunity exemption; or to be free from punishment
Retribution punished for something that is morally right
Immolation a sacrifice
connoisseur a person that passes critical judgments
virtuoso a person who has special knowledge or skills in a field
Accost to approach with greeting, question, or remark; boldly
Motley a combination of different colors; different but combined
Nitre another name for sodium nitrate; a chemical to preserve
Roquelaire knee length coat
Palazzo palace
abscond to avoid capture and legal prosecution
sconce a hole or socket of a candle stick for holding candles
flambeaux torch
catacombs an under ground cemetery
Medoc a wine-growing region; wine
azure a blue color of that of unclear and unclouded sky
puncheon a type of wood used for floor boards or a barrel
gesticulation animated or gestures; motions
ignoramus food, stupid, dunce
fetter a chain or shackle placed on the feet
avatar a symbol
pestilence a deadly disease
sagacious showing good judgment or knowledge
august admiration
contagion a contagious disease you can catch from other people
pervade spread throughout
sojourn short stay
discernible noticeable
scrutinizing carefully observant
tarn mountain lake
cadaverousness paleness or gauntness, as a corpse
profuse abundant
vivacious cheerful; lively
pallid pale
stupor state of mental dullness; loss of the senses
insipid bland; without flavor
similitude likeness
demeanor behavior; conduct
incubus nightmare
potency strength; power
obstinate stubborn
emaciated Unusually thin
prodigious of great size and power
surcease an end
obeisance gesture of respect or subservience
nepenthe a sleeping potion that people once believed would relieve pain and sorrow.
ghastly causing great horror or fear
gaunt (of a person) lean and haggard, esp. because of suffering, hunger, or age.
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