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Subjunctive Phrases

il n'est pas certain que it's not certain that
il n'est pas sûr que it's not sure that
il n'est pas évident que it's not evident that
il n'est pas clair que it's not clear that
il n'est pas exact que it's not correct, accurate that
il n'est pas vrai que it's not true that
il est peu probable que it's not probable that
il ne paraît que it doesn't seem that
je ne suis pas sûr(e) que I'm not sure that
je ne dis pas que I'm not saying that
ça ne veut pas dire que it's doesn't mean that
ce n'est pas que it's not that
je ne crois pas que I don't believe that
je ne pense pas que I don't think that
je n'espère que I don't hope that
il semble que it seems that
nier to deny
douter to doubt
il est douteux que it's doubtful that
il est exclu que it's out of the question that
avoir peur que to be afraid that
craindre que to fear that
s'étonner que to be surprised that
il est étonnant que it's surprising that
il est bizarre/curieux/extraordinaire que it's strange/curious/extraordinary that
être content(e)/heureux(-euse)/triste que to be happy/happy/sad that
être ravi(e)/satisfait(e)/désolé(e) que to be delighted/satisfied/sorry that
regretter que to be sorry that
se réjouir que to rejoice, to be glad that
cela m'ennuie/m'agace/m'énerve que it bothers me/aggravates me/gets on my nerves that
se plaindre que to complain that
se fâcher que to get angry that, because
être fâché(e)/furieux(-se) que to be angry/furious that
avoir honte que to be ashamed that
il est ennuyeux/agaçant/énervant que it's annoying/irritating that
accepter que to accept that
approuver que to approve of someone's doing something
désapprouver que to disapprove of someone's doing something
il convient que it is suitable, advisable
il importe que it matters that, is important that
il peu importe que it matters little that
il suffit que it is enough that
il vaut mieux que it is better that
il est logique/normal/naturel/juste que it's logical/normal/natural/right that
c'est une chance que it's lucky that
ce n'est pas la peine que it's not worth it that
il est rare que it is not often that
il se peut que it's possible that
il est possible/impossible que it's possible/impossible that
il n'y a aucune chance que there's no chance that
il n'y a pas de danger que there's no danger that
aimer mieux que to prefer that
attendre que to wait until, wait for
avoir besoin que to need
demander que to request, ask
désirer que to desire, want, wish
empêcher que to prevent, keep
exiger que to demand
ordonner que to order
permettre que to allow
préférer que to prefer
recommander que to recommend
souhaiter que to wish
suggérer que to suggest
vouloir que to want
il est nécessaire/urgent que it is necessary/urgent that
il est essentiel/important que it is essential/important that
il est indispensable/utile que it is indispensible/useful that
il faut que it is necessary, one has to
Created by: aaronhgallagher