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Skeletal Muscle Fiber Anatomy - Test 4

What layer of connective tissue connects the two ends of the skeletal muscle fiber? The endomysium layer.
A tendon attaches muscle to bone, what is the tendon made of? Collagen and Elastin fibers that merge with the endomysium
Is a muscle fiber uninucleated? No, it is multinucleated.
True or False, the skeletal muscle cell body is one of the largest cell bodies? True
What is a myofibril? series of sarcomeres running the length of the fiber.
How many T-Tubules are there per a sarcomere? 2
What mineral does the sarcoplasmic reticulum? Ca++
What is the thick fibers of the sarcomere called? Myosin = Thick, Actin = Thin
Tropomysin complex is consists of Troponin and which type of fiber? Actin
Tropomyosin is a THIN long fiber that covers and spans how many monomers? 7 actin monomers
How many globular proteins? 3 Globular Proteins - C, T, I as in aCTIn.
Which of the 3 globular proteins binds to actin? I
Which of the 3 globular proteins binds to tropomyosin? T
Which of the 3 globular proteins binds to calcium? C
How many subunits is myosin composed of? 6 protein subunits - 2 long thin units twisted together and 4 light chains
What type of fibers span the I band? Only Actin
What protein structure supports the actin fibers? The Z-Disc
True or False, the A Band changes length during muscle contraction? False, the A Band does NOT change length
What are T-Tubules? Invaginations of the sorcolemma
How does the action potential effect levels of Calcium in the sarcoplasm? It increases it 1000X
How many Ca++ ions bind to Tropin C? 4
During muscle contraction the myosin head and ADP - P binds to what? The Actin binding site
When the ADP and P group are released from the myosin head it causes the myosin head to flex from ____ degrees to _____ degrees? 90 degrees to 45 degrees which in turns moves the actin fiber across the myosin.
How far does the actin move across the myosin in each flexion of the myosin head? 10nm
What happens when ATP binds to the myosin head? The myosin head releases the actin
What enzyme splits ATP into ADP - P causing the myosin head to return to its original 90 degree orientation? MyosinATPase
What is the normal level of Ca++ ion concentrations in the sarcoplasm? 0.00000007 molar
How many Ca++ ions is transported into the sarcoplasmic reticulum for every ATP burned? 2 this is accomplished by Sarcoplasmic reticular Ca++ ATPase
Created by: Tri 2