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Stack #107080

launched his counter-reforms Alexander III
"Groznyl" Ivan IV
serf emancipation of 1861 Alexander II
last of the Romanovs Nicholas II
return of stability and succession of the Romanov dynasty Michael
was a boyar in Ivan the Terrible's oprichnina Boris Godunov
repressive father Paul was assassinated Alexander I
"__" the Great wasn't really a Russian at all Catherine II
ruled from the failure of the Decembrist Uprising to the middle of the Crimean War Nicholas I
push for westernization Peter I
1762-1796 Catherine II
embodiment of the Russian autocracy Nicholas I
best known for his wars with Napoleon Alexander I
1855-1881 Alexander II
founded new capital: St.Petersburg Peter I
subject of a Pushkin play and a Mussorgsky opera Boris Godunov
1613-1645 Michael
series of Temporary Regulations used to crack down on terrorism Alexander III
Grand Prince of Muscovy 1533 Ivan IV
ruled until his overthrow in the February Revolution Nicholas II
1881-1894 Alexander III
1598-1605 Boris Godunov
1533-1584 Ivan IV
Russo- Japenese War and World War I Nicholas II
led his country in the Great Northen War Peter I
established the Third Section Nicholas I
establish a Holy Alliance Alexander I
called a zemskii sobor Ivan IV
some say he didn't really die in 1825 Alexander I
1894-1917 Nicholas II
1682-1725 Peter I
helped squelch the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 Nicholas I
1801-1825 Alexander I
Time of Troubles Ivan IV
1825-1855 Nicholas I
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