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Network Services

What is the correct order of the layers of the OSI reference model, starting at the lowest layer and working up the model? ** Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, Application
What three items are contained in an Ethernet header and trailer? ** -source MAC address -destination MAC address -Error-checking information
Which protocols are TCP/IP application layer protocols? ** -FTP (FIle Transfer Protocol) -SMTP
Which protocol is used to access a website? ** HTTP
What is an advantage of the use of layers in the OSI reference model? ** It prevents changes in one layer from affecting other layers.
What term is used to describe how TCP/IP protocols are layered and interact to format, address, and transmit information across a network? ** Protocol stack
Whenever e-mail clients send letters, what device is used to translate the domain names into their associated IP address? ** DNS server
An Internet is server running both FTP and HTTP services. How does the server know which of these application should handle an incoming segment? ** The segment destination port number identifies the application that should handle it.
You are creating a network-based video game. What influences your decision about which transport protocol to use for the application? ** UDP will not disrupt the game to retransmit dropped packets.
Which port number is used by SMTP? ** 25
Which application is most likely used to translate to ** DNS
Which of the following are layers of the TCI/IP model? ** -Application -Internet -Network Acces
Which protocol is used by e-mail servers to communicate with each other? ** SMTP
What client software enables logged in users to communicate with other logged in users in real time? ** Instant messaging
What type of server would use IMAP? ** E-mail
What resolves a website URL to and IP adress? ** DNS server
What information is contains in an IP header? ** Source and destination IP address
Which protocol is used by FTP to transfer files over the Internet? ** TCP
A client has decoded a frame and started the de-encapsulation process. In which order does the de-encapsulation process occur? ** Remove Ethernet header and trailer Remove IP header Remove TCP header Pass data to the application
A device receives an Ethernet fame and recognizes the MAC address as its own. What does the device do to the message to get the encapsulated data? ** Removes the Ethernet header and trailer
Cabling issues are associated with which OSI layer? ** 1
A network client in a corporate environment reboots. Which type of server would most likely be used first? ** DNS
DHCP Service that assigns IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and other information to clients.
IP Specifies how data is encapsulated into packets and the logical addressing.
DNS Service that provides the IP address of a web site URL or domain name so a host can connect to it.
DNS port number 53
FTP Service that allows for download and upload of files between client and server.
FTP port number 20
E-Mail server Service that sends, receives and stores mail in user mailboxes located on the server.
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) To send mail
POP3 (Post Office Protocol) To retrieve mail
IMAP4 To retrieve mail
POP3 port number 110
SNMP port number 161
Web server User types in a URL and a page loads in the client browser.
HTTP port number 80
HTTPS port number 443
HTTP protocol commonly used by a web browser
HTTPS Secure protocol
Web Client Requests a web page
Telnet port number 23
Telnet service that allows administrators to log in to a host from a remote location and control the host as though they were logged in logically.
IP Telephony Uses peer to peer technology
VoIP (Voice over IP) Uses IP packets to carry digitized voice as data.
Application Layer of the OSI model FTP, POP3, DHCP
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