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Hdware Input&Output

e-book chapter 5

What are the types of pointing devices? mouse; trackball; touchpad; touch screen; pen input; light pen;digitizer; digital pen
What does an input device do? Translates data into a form the computer can process
What does an output device do? Translates information processed by the computer into a form humans can understand
What are the types of keyboards? wired and wireless
Which type of keyboard is connected to a CPU via a serial or USB port? wired
What are the two ways to digitize audio? sound board and MIDI board
What is the function of a keyboard? To convert letters, numbers, and characters into electrical signals
How are wired keyboards connected to a CPU? By a serial or USB port
What types of technology are required for a wireless keyboard to function properly? IR (infrared) technology or Radio Frequency (RF) technology
What are the two processes a "dumb terminal" can do? input and output
True or false: dumb terminals process data. False
What type of terminal has a screen, processor, keyboard, and memory? intelligent
What is the main pointing device? mouse
What type of mouse uses laser beams and special chips to encode data for the computer? optical
What type of mouse has a ball inside that touches the desktop surface and rolls? mechanical
What does a mouse control on the screen (monitor)? mouse pointer
When a mouse pointer changes to this, text can be entered. I-beam
What type of pointing device is mounted on top of a stationary device? trackball
What type of pointing device allows users to slide one's finger over a small flat surface? touchpad
Which pointing device is often used in ATMs, information, kiosks, reservation kiosks, voting machines, cellphones, and e-books? touch screen
Which pointing device uses handwriting recognition to translate cursive writing into data? pen input
Which pointing device uses a wired connection to a computer terminal and may require covered hands? light pen
Which pointing device converts drawings and photos to digital data? digitizer
Which pointing device has a tiny camera in its tip to capture writing? digital pen
dpi is an acronymn that stands for what? dots per inch
The term "resolution" refers to an image's what? sharpness
What does a flatbed scanner work like? photocopier
Bar code readers translate symbols into what? digital code
How many types of bar codes are there? three
True or false: 1D bar codes are regular horizontal stripes. False
True or false: 2D bar codes are different sized squares. False
What is the acronym for magnetic-ink character recognition? MICR
OMRs use special scanners to read bubble/pencil marks - true or false? True
OCR – optical character recognition converts editable text format to pictures - true or false? False
What is the name of the peripheral device that is a stand-alone unit that only sends and receives faxed documents? dedicated fax machine
What is the circuit board installed in a computer that sends and receives faxes? fax modem
Two ways to digitize audio are via sound board and MIDI board - true or false? True
What is the name of the device that is a video camera attached to a computer to record live moving images? webcam
What is the name of the device that captures and digitizes one frame at a time? frame grabber video card
What is the name of the device that converts analog to digital signals at rates up to 30 frames per second, resulting in what looks like a motion picture? full motion video card
Most digital cameras can be connected to a PC by USB or via firewall - true or false? False
What type of system converts a person’s speech into digital signals? speech recognition
What type of input device is used to detect speed, movement, weight, pressure, temperature, humidity, wind, current, fog, gas, smoke, light, shapes, images, etc.? sensor
What is the acronym for the tags that have a microchip containing specific code numbers? RFID
What is the science of measuring individual body characteristics? biometrics
What type of data exists electronically is intangible and impermanent? softcopy
What type of data is relatively permanent? hardcopy
A display screen is also known as a what? monitor
What is dp an acronym for? dot pitch
What is the term that refers to the number of bits stored in a dot (pixel)? color depth
What is the term that refers to the number of times per second the pixels are recharged? refresh rate
Flat-panel displays are made of four plates of glass separated by a layer of liquid crystals - true or false? false
What is the acronym for memory in graphics cards? VRAM
A dot-matrix printer is also known as what type of printer? impact
A laser printers and inkjet printer is also known as what type of printer? nonimpact
A low to medium resolution nonimpact printer, that uses coated paper that darkens when heat is applied, is called what type of printer? thermal
What is the name of the specialized output device designed to produce large high-quality, 3-D graphics, often used by architects, engineers, and map-makers? plotter
What type of output produces digitized sounds, including “3-D” sound? sound
What type of output converts digital data into speechlike sounds? voice
What type of output allows photographic images to be played quickly enough to appear as full-motion? video
What is the medical term for the condition caused by pressure on the median nerve in the wrist, due to short repetitive movements? carpal tunnel
What is the medical term for the condition caused by improper use of computer display screens, with symptoms such as eyestrain, headaches, and double vision? computer vision
What type of fields are waves of electrical energy and magnetic energy, often linked to cancer? electromagnetic
What is the term that describes the methodology of designing a workplace with working conditions and equipment that are safer and more efficient? ergonomics
Created by: nicole.minor