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English Monarchs

Stack #107028

son of tudor founder Henry 8th
virgin queen Elizabeth 1st
expanded economic empire, ministers fell from power: pitts, lord bute, lord north George 3rd
empress of india also Victoria
killed harold and the anglo-saxons at the battle of hastings William 1st (conqueror)
started the English Civil War, last absolute british monarch Charles 1st
duke of normandy from 1035 William 1st (conqueror)
also king of scotland James 1st
died at bosworth field ending the War of the Roses Richard 3rd
representative of the modern ceremonial monarchy, sons chrales and andrew Elizabeth 2nd
brought renaissance and reformation Henry 8th
daughter of anne boleyn Elizabeth 1st
lost American colonies George 3rd
longest reigning monarch in British history Victoria
intened target of Guy Fawkes failed Gunpowder Plot James 1st
Duke of Gloucester in 1461 Richard 3rd
tried to seize the crown from his brother richard John
crowned king of scotland 1651 Charles 2nd
named herself governor of the protestant church Elizabeth 1st
1678 Popish Plot fabricated by Titus Oates James 2nd
Head of the Church of England so he could divorce; married six times Henry 8th
emergence of shakespeare Elizabeth 1st
doubled the number of Britons that could vote Victoria
reign saw english expansion James 1st
excommunicated by the pope for 4 years for refusing to accept Stephen Langton as Archbishop of Canterbury John
used the delaration of breda to restore himself to the english throne Charles 2nd
deposed in the Glorious Revolution James 2nd
married Eleanor of Aquitane and invaded England the following year Henry 2nd
spent only 5 months of his reign in england Richard 1st (lion-hearted)
actually just king of wessex conquered most of danelaw territory Alfred the Great
weak as a fighter, forced to sign the Magna Carta in 1215 John
fought 2 lackluster wars against the dutch and needed protection through treaty of dover Charles 2nd
developed common law and due process Henry 2nd
went on the Third Crusade in Jerusalem Richard 1st (Lion-Hearted)
kept England from the worst of the Dark Ages Alfred the Great
House of Normandy (1066-1087) William 1st (Conqueror)
House of Tudor (1509-1547) Henry 8th
House of Hanover (1760-1820) George 3rd
fought with thomas a Becket Henry 2nd
translated famous works to Anglo-Saxon Alfred the Great
House of Hanover (1837-1901) Victoria
House of Tudor (1558-1603) Elizabeth 1st
House of Stuart (1625-1649) Charles 1st
House of Stuart (1603-1625) James 1st
House of York (1483-1485) Richard 3rd
House of Windsor (1952-present) Elizabeth 2nd
House of Plantagenet (1199-1216) John
House of Stuart (1660-1685) Charles 2nd
House of Stuart (1685-1688) James 2nd
House Plantagenet (1154-1189) Henry 2nd
House of Plantagenet (1189-1199) Richard 1st (lion-hearted)
Saxon House (871-899) Alfred the Great
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