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Hem1 Chapter28 Rev

Hematology1 test review chapter 28 DelTech Owens

What is used to determine if a significant increase or decrease in WBCs has occurred? absolute count
Multiplying the total WBC count by the relative value of the particular WBCs gives you __ count. absolute
If you have a low number of neutrophils, your blood is __. neutropenic
If you have too many neutrophils, your blood is __. neutrophillic
A shift toward a higher number of immature WBCs is called a __ __. left shift
The reference range for blood cell counts depends on three things. What are they? age, pools, disease
The blood cell counts on elderly people will be __ than someone who is middle aged. lower
Normally, neonates should have the __ blood cell counts of any age group. highest
The 3 blood pools are: bone marrow, marginating, circulation
Leukocytosis means your WBC count is __. high
Leukopenia means your WBC count is __. low
An infection of the lining of the heart is called __. endocarditis
If your WBC count is below 2.5, you have __. neutropenia
Diminished mitotic division, deficiency in vitamin B12 or folic acid, can cause __. neutropenia
Inflammation can cause __. neutrophilia
If your WBC count is below 1, you may have __ __. autoimmune infection
If your absolute WBC count is above 8.0, your blood has __. neutrophilia
The WBC response to infection is __. neutrophilia
When experiencing neutrophilia, the generation of myelocytes is __. shortened
When experiencing neutrophilia, the transit time through the bone marrow is __. shortenend
One of the benign causes of neutrophilia is strenuous __. exercise
Round to oval objects seen in WBCs that are composed of RNA and appear light blue to grey are called __ bodies. Dohle
Dohle bodies are often seen due to infections or __. burns
Abnormally large primary granules, seen in response to infection or inflammation, are called __ __. toxic granulation
Toxic granulation is clinically significant because it suggests a __ prognosis. poorer
Dohle bodies are composed of __ __. ribosomal RNA
What is associated with burns, infections, surgery, and pregnancy? Dohle bodies
What in WBCs is caused by the ingestion and degradation of bacteria or fungi? vacuolization
Allergies, medications, skin diseases, parasites, dermatitis, and malignancy can all cause __. eosinophilia
Hypoactive thyroid, ulcerative colitis, nephritis, and certain malignancies can cause __. basophilia
Pelger-Huet is a __ condition. benign
If you find Pelger-Huet cells in a blood sample, you would report them as __, Pelger-Huet anomaly. mature
Pelger-Huet cells often have __ lobes in the nuclei, or appear oval in shape. two
Hypersegmentation occurs when a WBC with __ or more lobes appears. six
Hypersegmentation is clinically __. insignificant
Alder-Reilly deposits have __ __ to lilac color granules. deep purple
Chediak-Higashi WBCs can grab thing for digestion, but cannot __ them. destroy
Alcohol can cause __ of WBCs. vacuolization
Lazy leukocyte syndrome is when the WBCs do not __ to attack an invader. mobilize
Gaucher's disease is the inability to degrade __. gludocerebroside.
Niemann Pick disease is the inability to degrade __. sphingomyelin
Reactive lymphs have a __ egg appearance. fried
Epstein-Barr virus is another word for __. mononucleosis
Lymphocytes will exceed 50% if you have __. Epstein-Bar
Wiskott-Aldrich is a rare defect in blood __. platelets
Created by: IsaacJ