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ALH 111 Vocab 1

Activation key A combination of letters and numbers a user must enter before using software. These access codes serve as an intellectual property protection for the software developer, granting a license to the user and preventing multiple downloads.
Application software These computer programs are designed to help user’s complete tasks on their computers or smartphones.
Byte The basic measurement unit of computer storage and memory, equivalent to one character of text.
Credibility Whether or not a source provides reliable, accurate information, checked and verified by experts
Malware Computer software that works as an independent program that infects a computer's files and programs after being downloaded from what looks like a trusted source.
New media Content not traditionally delivered in digital form that is now found online, such as music, movies, newspapers, or books.
Search engine An automated database that delivers a lost of links as a response to a specific keyword request from the user.
Social engineering The usually criminal practice of manipulating a person into providing sensitive information online.
Created by: kalee.pawloski