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Speech midterm1


hree functions of support material 1. establish credibility 2. Recapture attention 3. Clarify
Three factors of support material 1. Accurate 2. Reliable 3.Relevant
Supporting materials 1. Facts 2. Examples 3. Statistics 4. Testimony
Hypothetical based in reality/know it is not real
Statistical measures mean-average, median, mode
Statistics are intended to quantify not qualify use them sparingly (Testimony quotation/paraphrases
Expert means that you are recognized by other professionals in the field
Listening making sense of what we hear
appreciative listening for enjoyment
empathetic to provide emotional support
Key word outline an outline that BRIEFLY notes a speakers main points
Brainstormingq a method of generating ideas for speech topic by free association of words and ideas
Specific purpose a single infinitive phrase that states precisely what a spoeaker hopes to accomplish in his or her speech (purpose)
Centarl idea A one sentence statement that sums up or encapsulates the major ideas of a speech. (like thesis)
Residual message What a speaker wants the audience to remember after it has forgotten everything else in aspeech
Identification Bond with audience
Demographic audience analysis analysis that focuses on demographic factors: age, gender religion...
Attitude frame of mind
fixed alternative questions offer a fixed choice (yes, no maybe
Reference work a work that sythesizes a large amount of related information for easy access by researchers
Abstract a summary of a magazine or journal article written by someone other than the author
Academic database scholarly journals
Virtual library combination internet tech and library methods
Sponsoring organization
Expert testimony from people who are recognized in their fields
Peer testimony from ordinary people with firsthand experience or instight on a topic
quoting out of context cna distort meaning
strategic orgainization putting a speech together in aparticualr to partic to partic
most speeches contain from 2-5 main points
Chronological order main points follow a time pattern
Problem solution order First main point deals with the existence of a problem w and the second main pint presents a solution to the problem.
Topical order a method of speech organization in which the main piints divide the topic into logical and consistent subtopics
Connective a word or phrase that connects the ideas of a speech and indicates the relationship between them
Transisiton hrase that indicates when a speaker has finished one thought and is moving on to another
Internal preview a statemtnt in the body that lets the audience know what the speaker is goingto discuss
internal summary a statement in the body of the speech that summarizes the speaker's precdeding point
signpoist a very brief statemtn that indicates where a speaekr is in the speech or that focuses attention on key ideas
goodwill the audiences preception of whther the speaker has the best interest of the audienc in mind
Crescendo ending a conclusion in which the speech builds to a zenith f power and intesntiy
dissolve ending a conclusion that generates emotional appeal by fading step by step to a dramatic final statement
process a systematic series of actions that leads to a specific result or product
Similarities between pub com and daily conv strict time limitations/more detialed prep , formal language, method of delivery
4 objectives with your introdcuction 1. Grab attention2. receal topic3.establish credibility4. preview the body of the speech
Object anything that is visible, tangible and stable in form
Maslov Physiological, security, belongingness, self esteem, self actualization
7 elements of communication Speaker, listener, message, feedback, interference, situation, channels
semantic something about the use of language that gets in the way of meaning
Listen for main points, evidence, technique
The communication situation time, occasion, place, audience, context
Defining operation, negation, example, comaprison, etymology(origin of words)
Describing Explaining-reasons or causes or relationshop in order to make plain or comprehensive
Avoid this type of testimony Prestige (what does Brad Pit Say)
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