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Laverty Physiology 2

Physio Test 2

Excitatory Synapse a synapse that when activated pushes the psn towards ap or increases freq of APs
Inhibitory Synapse a synapse that when activated pushes the psn away from ap or decreases freq of APs
Convergence many psns synapsing on one psn
Divergance one psn synapsing on many psns
Ionotropic receptors membrane protein through which ionic current is controlled by the binding of extracellular signaling molecules
Metabotropic Receptor membrane receptor in neurons that initiates formation of second messengers wen bound to a ligand
EPSP depolarizing graded potential in psn in response to activation of excitatory synapse
IPSP hyperpolarizing graded potential that arrises in psn in response to activation of inhibitory synapse
Temporal summation membrane potential produced as 2 or more inputs occurring at different times are ADDED together potential change is > that by 1 input
Spacial Summation adding together effects of simultaneous inputs to different places on a neuron to produce potential change > 1 input
axo-axonic synapse presynaptic synapse where an axon stimulates the presynaptic terminal of another axon
presynaptic inhibition inhibitory input to neurons through synapses at the axon terminal
presynaptic facilitation excitatory input to neurons through synapses at the nerve terminal
autoreceptor a receptor on a cell affected by a chemical messenger released from the same cell
receptor desensitization temporary inability of a receptor to respond to its ligand due to prior ligand binding
agonists antagonists
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