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English II Midterm

Study stack for the first midterm of my english II class.

When is literature most appealing? When it has a universal theme.
How does the study of literature enhance the study of history?How can the study of literature enhance the study of history? The time that it was written in will tell the history.
What is Rising action? Action leading up to the climax
What is Falling Action? Events after climax
Is the action or moral of the story always obvious and easy to understand? No
How do you punctaute a short story? With quotation marks around the title
Which point of view offers the most acess to all the characters in a story? 3rd Person omniscent
__________ is a writing technique that provides hints to build suspense Foreshadowing
__________ is an account of an event or conversation that has happened before Flashback
What does Ismene advise Antigone? Not to bury her brother
Why does Ismene refuse to help bury Polyneices? She was just a "lady", and it wasnt a ladies duty to do so
Why does Antigone believe that Polyneices deserves a proper burial? He was her brother, and she believes it is a religious crime that will cause him not to go into the afterlife.
Why does Creon forbid Polyneices to be buried? He was a traitor, and attacked his own kingdom.
What do the boys in the Lord of the Flies sacrifice to the beast? The pigs head
What starts the first fire on the island and what happens to it? Piggys specs, and it went out while the hunters where hunting pigs.
What do Simon and the parachutist have in common? Body swept out into the sea
From what affliction does Simon suffer? Epilepsy
Who goes on the scouting mission when they first get to the island? Jack, Ralph, and Simon
Created by: schlabie



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