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SLP anatomy 4


Phonation the product of vibrating folds Voicing
Voiceless speech sounds produced without the use of vocal folds
Voiced speech sounds produced with the use of vocal folds
How many layers in Vocal folds? five
Glottis space between the vocal folds.
subglottal region area below the vocal folds
location of vocal folds above the trachea
Structure of Larynx Musculocartilaginous
Location of larynx superior end of trachea
what is larynx comprised of? three paired and unpaired cartilages
what vertebrae are adjacent to Larynx Cervical Vertebrae 4-6 in Adults
average length of larynx in male and female 44 mm; 36 mm
most inferior laryngeal structure Cricoid cartilage
cricothyroid cartilage where both cartilages articulate at
what is the largest cartilage in larynx? Thyroid
What cartilage ride on the high back upper surface of the cricoid? Arytenoid cartilages
what ride on the superior surface of the Arytenoid Cartilages? Corniculate Cartilage
Thyrohyoid membrane? Articulation of the two
What is medial to the hyoid and thyroid? epiglottis.
FX of epiglottis drops to cover the orifices during swallowing
Combo of: Cartilage, airway and trachea produces what? tubelike space with constriction
What combines to make vocal folds? Thyrovocalis, Connective tissue and mucous membrane
Where are the vocal folds located between? arytenoid and thyroid cartilage
What type of FXs do muscles that attach to the arytenoid provide? Adduction and Abduction
how is airflow controlled? Muscle Contraction
what is the cavity of the larynx? a constrictive tube with aerodynamic space.
How is the constrictive tube of the larynx created? the combination of cartilages with mucous membrane.
FX of extrensic ligament? provide attachment between the Hyoid/Trachea and cartilage of Larynx.
What space does the thyrohyoid stretch across? greater cornu of Hyoid and lateral thyroid
LTL superior cornu of thyroid to posterior tip of greater cornu
median thyrohyoid ligament Corpus of hyoid to anterior thyroid
MTL, LTL, TH combine to connect what two structures? Larynx and Hyoid bone
Hyoepiglottic and thyroepiglottic attach epiglottis to thyroid and hyoid
Lateral and Median glassoepiglottic ligament epiglottic attachment to the tongue
valleculae little valleys between the tongue and epiglottis
what is the fx of the cricotracheal ligament? trachea attached to the larynx
intrinsic ligament connects cartilage forms supportive structure for the cavity of the larynx and the vocal folds.
what composes of the fibroelastic membrane? quadrangular, aryepiglottic folds, lower conus elasticus and the vocal ligament.
pyriform sinus space between the aryepiglottic folds and thyroid cartilage
Squamos Epithelium .1 mm thick gives glossy white appearance moist delicate tissues
Superficial Lamina Propria elastin fibers allows stretchiness cushions focal volds
ILP Deep to SLP cross layered with SLP 1-2 MM provide both strength and elasticity combo of SLP and ILP produce vocal ligament
DLP 1-2 mm thick supportive collagen fibers that prohibit extension the ILP/DLP combine to make up the vocal ligament.
thryoarytenoid muscles thyrovocalis and thyromusculuaris
active element of vocal cords thyrovocalis
aditus entry to the larynx from the pharynx above
vestibule first cavity of the larynx
what is the vestibule also called? the entryway
where is the vestibule located? between the aditus and the ventricular folds
what are the ventricle folds also known as what? False folds
laryngeal ventricle space between the false and true vocal folds.
what permits voicing? the variable sphincter
length of glottis at rest? 20 mm in adults from anterior to posterior commisure
at rest the posterior glottis is how wide? 8 mm wide
lateral margins of the glottis vocal folds arytenoids
what are the anterior three-fifths of the vocal margin made up of? membranous glottis
how big is free margin of vocal folds in males and females? 15;12
FX of free margin? vibrating element of the voice
what is the posterior two-fifths of vocal folds comprised of? cartilage of arytenoids
what are the 2/5ths of vocal folds called? cartilaginous glottis
how big is the cartilaginous glottis? 4-8 mm
Is the cricoid cartilage paired or unpaired? Unpaired
how big is the diameter of cricoid? same size as the trachea
what type of joint is the cricoid thyroid? a pivotal diarthrodial joint
fx of cricothyroid joint? permits rotation
is the thyroid paired or unpaired? unpaired
what are the two plates of the thyroid? thyroid laminae
what structure will you see at the thyroid angle thyroid notch
what is on the lateral superficial surface of thyroid laminae? oblique line
inferior cornu project to cricoid
superior cornu project to hyoid
what may be found between the hyoid and superior cornu? triticeal
what resides in the posterolateral surface of the cricoid? the paired arytenoids
FX of arytenoids? provide mechanical structure that permits onset and offset of voicing
what is on the superior surface of every arytenoid cartilage? corniculate
is the epiglottis unpaired or paired? unpaired
what is the epiglottis attached to the hyoid via Hyoepiglottic ligament
what are cunieform cartilages? cartilages embedden within the aryepiglottic folds
what is the fx of the cuneiform cartilage? providing support for membranous laryngeal coverings.
what union does the hyoid form? tongue and laryngeal structure
is hyoid unpaired? yes
what shape is the hyoid? U-Shaped
what are the only two joints mobile in the larynx? cricothyroid and cricoarytenoid joints
what type of joints are cricothyroid synovial so cricoid and thyroid could rotate
what does approximate mean? make contact
FX of cricoarytenoid? rocking and gliding of structures vocal abduction
Muscles of Larynx are divided into two portions? Intrinsic Laryngeal Muscles Extrensic Laryngeal Muscles
Intrinsic Laryngeal Muscles have both origin and insertion
Extrensic Laryngeal Muscles one attachment on laryngeal and another on nonlaryngeal structure
Fx of ILM Deals with vocal mechanism opening, closing and tensing/relaxing cords
FX OF ELM Elevates and depresses larynx
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