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Exercises 18-24

Study these for a test.

Font Effects Formatting features used to enhance or emphasize text
Color Swatch a BLOCK ON A COLOR PALETTE THAT YOU CLICK to select that color
Theme Colors Colors assigned to an element based on the settings of the current theme
Standard Colors Ten primary and ssecondary colors
Theme A set or coordinated colors, fonts, and effects
Symbol Shapes, mathematical and scientific notations, currency signs, and other visual elements you can insert in documents by using the Symbol dialog box
Indent A temporary lef and or right margin for lines or paragraphs
Bullet A dot or symbol that marks an important line of information or designates items in a list
Sort To organize items into a specified order
Picture A graphics image stored in a graphic file format
Style A collection of formatting settings that can be applied to characters or paragraphs
Direct Formatting Individual font or paragraph formatting settings, applied directly to text, as opposed to a collection of settings applied with style
Margins The amount of white space between the text and the edge of the page on all four sides
Portrait Orientation The default position for displaying and printing text horizontally across the shorter side of a page
Gutter Space added to the margin to leave room for binding
Landscape Orientation Rotating document text so it displays and prints horizontally across the longer side of a page
Section In Word, a segment of a document defined by a section break. A section may have different pafe formatting from the rest of the document
En dash A dash symbol that is approximately the width of the typed letter N.
Effects Visual attributes applied to elements in a document, such as shadows applied to pictures, or borders applied to pages
Straight Quotes Quotation marks that drop straight down instead of curving to the left or right
Em dash A dash symbol that is approximately the width of the typed letter M.
Smart Quotes Quotation marks that curve left or right toward enclosed text.
Style Sheet A list of available styles
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