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Chapter 1

Active pane The plane in with the insertion point is currently located.
Default Standerd
Footer Text or graphics printed at the bottom of all the pages in a document.
Header Text or graphics printed at the top of all the pages in a document.
Insertion point The flashing vertical line that indicates where the nest action will occur in a document on screen.
Word wrap A feature that causes text to move automatically from the end of one line to the beginning of the next line.
Horizontal alignment The position of text in relation to the width of the page.
Style A collection of formatting settins can be applied to characters or documents.
Theme A sett of coordinated colors, fonts and effects that can be applied to documents.
Line spacing The amount of white space between paragraphs.
Point A unit of measurement usedin desktop publishing and graphic design.
Vertical alignment The position of text in relation to the top and bottom page margins.
Field A placeholder for data that might change.
Font A complete set of characters in apecific design, style, and size.
Bullet A dot or symbolthat marks an important line of information or designates items in a list.
Picture A graphics image stored in graphic file format.
Sort To organize items into a specified order.
Symbol A visual element such as a shape, mathematical or scientific notation, or currency sigh that you can instert as a character into a docunent.
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