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Theory into Practice

Foundation for effective technology intergration

which group evolved from the branch of thinking in cognitive learning theory, in which learners generate their knowledge though experiences and teacher serves as facilitators? constructivism
what group has a belief system grounded primarily in behaviorist learning theory and informational branch of the cognitive learning theories? Objectivism
what approach did Bloom us to give his students a sequence of objectives that defined mastery of a subject? Mastery Learning
what is the reception of information sensed through receptors such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and/or hands? Sensory registers
where is information that is held for only seconds processed at? Short-Term Memory (STM)
Which area of memory can hold information for indefinite amounts of time? Long-Term Memory (LTM)
What term refers to the difference between adult/expert and child/novice levels of cognitive function? Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)
What term refers to changing of views of the world to incorporate the new experiences? Accommodation
Whitehead introduced what term in 1929, which means skills that students learn, but do not know how to transfer later to problems that require them? Inert Knowledge
Automatic recall of skills applied rapidly and without conscious effort is called? Automaticity
What is another name for short-term memory? Working Memory
Created by: relmore4@atu.edu