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(CK) Amigo Brothers

(CK) Amigo Brothers vocabulary

cautious;very careful; on the alert wary Watch out for bees. You'll get stung if you're not _____.
constant; unceasing; never ending perpetual The pendulum, which never stops swinging, is in _____ motion.
to invent, compose, or do without much preparation improvise I didn't prepare a speech, but maybe I can _____ some remarks.
light and quick in movement; flexible nimble The ballet dancer seemed to float across the stage. She was so _____!
to wave or swing wildly flail Let your arms relax in the water. Don't _____ them around.
escaping or avoiding evading Edward, sneaky as ever, offered only lame excuses, _____ the truth.
to rise or increase suddently; move with a violent swelling motion, as waves surge If petroleum (oil) becomes scarce, the price of gasoline will _____.
causing great pain, damage, or destruction; overwhelming devastating The fire destroyed everything in its path. It was completelely _____.
Created by: lindajune