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What are the five parts of a plot chart? Exposition, Rising Action, Falling action, Resolution, climax
what is plot ? literary element that describes the structure of a story;it tells what happens in a story
Explain the terms: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution *exposition is the start of the story *rising action is the series of conflicts that leads to the climax *falling action is the action that follows the climax *resolution is when the problems are solved *climax is the turning point of the story
What does the term “In media res” mean and what does that saying mean when it comes to telling a story? the middle of the story
What are two other ways plots can be placed in order? chronological order:the story is told in time order flashback:someone who retells a story in media rest (in the middle of things)when a story starts in the middle of the action without exposition
What is conflict? the problem of the story
what is character vs. nature ? struggle between the character and elements of nature.
what is character vs.character ? external-a struggle , mentle or physical between 2 people in the story
what is character vs. society ? external-struggle between a character and the rules or laws
what is character vs. self ? internal-struggle between the character and themselve
What are the 3 basic parts to conflict? something something stands in the way someone wan something of value is to be gained or lost
The term SWBS is an acronym for _____________. Explain what this type of conflict chart means. somebody ( character ) wanted (goal ) but so
what is character? figure in a literary work that either is a human being or possesses human qualities
what is dynamic ? someone who changes in significant during the story
what is static ? character remains the same during the story
what is round ? well developed , many traits not easily defined
what is flat ? has only 1 trait
What is characterization? A writer reveals what a character is like and how the character changes throughout the story.
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