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global 9 hinduism

global 9 India, hinduism and buddism

subcontinent a large landmass that just out from a continent
plateau the Deccan is dry and as a resultmuch of the region is arid, unproductive and sparsely populated.
monsoon a seasonal wind
veneration special regard for cattle
caste social groups into which people are born and from which they cannot change.
Vedas a collection of prayers,hyms and other religious teachings
Brahmins Aryan Priests claimed that they alone could conduct the ceremonies needed to win the favor of the gods.
Mystic people who devote their lives to seeing spirtual truth.
Sudras non-Aryans- farmworkers, servants and other laboreers who occupied the lowest level of society
Atman To Hindus, every person has an essential self or atman. Another name for brahman.
Moksha The ultimate goal of existence- union with brahman. Individuals must free themselves from selfish desires that separate them from brahman.
Reincarnation Hindu belief- rebirth of the soul in another bodily form. Allows people to continue working toward moksha through several lifetimes.
Karma Hindu belief. All the actions of a person's life that affect his or her fate in the next life.
Dharma Hindu belief. The religious and moral duties of an individual. By obeying one's dharma, aperson acquires merit for the next life.
Ahisma Key principal of Hinduism. All people and things are aspects of brahman and should therefore be respected.
Nirvana For the Buddhist, this is the final goal. Union with the universe and release from the cycle of rebirth.
Stupa large dome-shaped shrines that housed the sacred remains of the Buddha or other holy people.
Mural Buddhist artists painted rich wall paintings recealling Buddhist stories and legends.
The Four Noble Truths truths that stand at the heart of Buddhism.
Missionary people that spread Buddhism across India to many parts of Asia
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