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French Vocab


mairie town hall
chute fall
cortege procession
dessin drawing
greve strike
loi law
patineur skater
pointe de vitesse speed
roulette skate
de masse mass
donner to give
eclater to explode, to burst
faire la loi lay down the law
patiner to skate
rattraper to catch
rouler to skate
s'arreter to stop
se rappeler to remember
se reperer to get your bearings
veiller to watch
soudain suddenly
circulation traffic
dangue crazy
envoyer to send
larmes tears
porte-cles key-ring
souhaiter to wish
se rendre compte to realise
truc thing
blaguer to joke
en haut de from the top of
en dehors de out of
que de monde what a lot of people
se debrouiller to solve a tricky problem
au lit off to bed
embrasser to hug/to kiss
un ange an angel
paresseux lazy
s'habiller to get dressed
jusq'a until
en vitesse quickly
trainer to drag one's feet
penible painful
pauvre poor
bureau office
louer to hire
la vague the wave
le lieu the place
se sentir to feel
suivre to take/to learn/to do a class
non seulement not only
le sejour the stay
la chanson the song
la voisin(e) neighbour
pleurer to cry
le boulot the little job
jurer to swear/take an oath
coquine cheeky
en courant running
sauter to jump
ramener to bring back
un passant a passer by
laisser to leave behind
en avoir assez to have enough
tablier apron
par la suite next
mettre quelqu'un a la porte show someone the door (fire someone)
Cela m'est egal I don't care
avoir envie de to feel like
ennui problem
au lieu de instead of
bavarder to chat
revoir to see again
dis donc I say
pas du tout not at all
tiens there you go
branche cool
le choix the choice
chaine televisee the TV station
etre a la disposition de to be at the disposal of
sembler to seem
le reve the dream
rever to dream
alors so/then
un tas de lots of
comme as
commode handy/convenient
et alors? so?
en tete-a-tete head to head/one on one
raconter to tell a story
ca that
charmant charming
vieux/vieille old
fonder to found
la-bas over there
au fond de at the back/end of
le siecle century
soudain suddenly
tout de suite at once
Created by: foges98