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Social Studies22

Intolerable Acts (MA Government and the Administration of Justice Act) It banned the commitee of correspondence. Also British officials trials were held in Britain. And it allowed Britain to house troops wherever. Then the first Continental Congress met. The act was passed in 1774. Colonists started to make own products
Intolerable Acts BOSTON PORT ACT Passed March 31st 1774. It was passed to punish the people of Boston for the tea party. The act closed the port of Boston.
Repeal To remove a law
Intolerable Acts The colonists banned trade with Britain. They had the 1st Continental Congress. Colonists also organized a militia. This was the seed planted for future independent government. British increased restrictions and sent more troops to the colonies.
Sons Of Liberty John Adams, Sam Adams, John Hancock, Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry, and George Washington. They made decisions for the colonies and were the leaders in the protests, riots, and boycotts. They were the leaders in the Boston Tea Party.
Quartering Act Passed May 17th 1765. Act said, the colonists had to provide housing for the British soldiers and officers. Colonists were angry and the colony of New York refused to obey. New York's assembly was suspended until they paid for the troops.
Sugar Act Passed April 5th 1764. Was passed to get more money for the king and the king was trying to stop smuggling. It was a tax on molasses and syrup. The colonists could not make rum or spirits in the colonies.
Boycott Refusing to buy goods.
Boston Tea Party The colonists dressed up as Indians ( the sons of liberty) and they poured 342 chests of tea into the ocean. This happened December 16th 1773. This took place in the Boston harbor. As a result the king made the intolerable acts.
Townshend Act Passed June 29th 1767. It was passed to stop all smuggling of goods from any other country except for Britain. the ac said that new York's assembly is suspended. The act was a tax on glass, paper, paint, lead, and tea. Colonists- riots and protests.
Proclamation Line of 1763 A fake west of the App. Mountains. Was put there to stop colonists from going onto indian land and starting fights. So colonists could not settle west.
Boston Massacre Happened March 5th 1770. 5 people died in shooting. Colonists turned anti-british, felt British were wrong. John Adams defended the soldiers. Paul Revere painted a picture of what happened and used it as propaganda. British were found innocent.
Stamp Act Passed November 1st 1765. Act said all legal and commercial documents had to have a stamp on it. Colonists had to pay extra for this stamps. They boycotted and tarred and feathered the tax collectors. Sons of Liberty then were formed. Repealed law.
Tea Act Passed May 10th 1773. The act was passed because, Britain wanted to give the East India Co. control over the tea trade.So colonists had to pay extra for tea.New York blocked their posts and SC let the tea rot.Then the Boston Tea Party happened- more acts
Created by: adambartoshevich