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Silmarillion Final Study Guide

Angband "Iron Prison," Morgoth's fortress where he captures his enemies.
Cuivienen The birthplace of elves.
Doriath Land of the fence.
Menegroth Was the greatest Elven city in the First Age of Middle-Earth - also known as the Thousand Caves.
Nauglamir Gold necklace made by the dwarves for Finrod.
Ungoliant An evil Maiar in the form of a spider.
Glaurung First of the dragons.
Thorondor King of the eagles who saved Beren and Luthien.
Helcaraxe A narrow strip of land and ice that connected Valinor and Middle-Earth. It is called the grinding ice.
Khazad-dum Birthplace of the dwarves.
Vingilot Foam flower.
Angrist The weapon Beren used to cut the Silmaril from Morgoth's crown (Iron Knife).
Uruloki Dragons
White blossom Nimloth
A gift given to man by Iluvatar. Mortality
The horn of the Vala Orome. Valaroma
Moriquendi Elves of the darkness.
Numenor The great island prepared by the Valar as a dwelling-place for the Edain after the ending of the first age. The kingdom of Elros.
The highest mountain of Arda - also known as the Mountain of Manwe. Taniquetil
Herald of Manwe. Eonwe
The chief city and haven of the Teleri on the shores of Aman - also known as Haven of the Swans. Alqualonde
Balrog Valaraukar
Mountains of Valinor. Pelori
Telperion The elder of the Two Trees of Valinor - also known as the White Tree.
Ainulindale The Music of the Ainur - also called The (great) Music.
People of the stars. Eldar
Maiar Ainur of lesser degree than the Valar.
Swordsman of Heaven Menelmecar
Nargothrond The great underground fortress on the river Narog, founded by Finrod.
The Shipwright Cirdan
Calacirya The pass made in the mountains of the Pelori, in which was raised the green hill of Tuna - also known as the Cleft of Light.
At the end of the first age - formed the north-western coastal range of Middle-Earth. Also known as the Blue Mountains. Ered Luin
Thangorodrim Mountains of Morgoth
Carcharoth The great wolf of Angband that bit off the hand of Beren bearing the Silmaril.
Huan The Great Hound of Valinor.
Lomelindi Dusk Singers or Nightingales.
Laurelin The younger of the Two Trees of Valinor - also known as Song of Gold.
Valacirca Great Dipper
Seven sons of Feanor Amrod, Amras, Caranthir, Celegorm, Curufin, Maedhros, Maglor
Grond Hammer of Morgoth
Mountains of Terror Ered Gorgoroth
Bat Thuringwethil
Great Werewolf Draugluin
Thorondor's domain Crissaegrim
Thangorodrim Mountains of Tyranny
Eldar Ingwe, Finwe, Elwe
Feanor's brothers of another mother Finarfin and Fingolfin
Nirnaeth Arnoediad Men,Elves and Dwarves attack Angband
Belegost and Nogrod Cities of Dwarves
Blood of Elf, Maiar, and Man Dior
Lord of Dwarves Durin
Western coast of Beleriand The Falas
River Sirion Split Beleriand
Great Grandparents of Elrond and Elros Luthien & Beren; Huor & Rian; Turgon & Elenwe
Luthien Tinuviel
Isle where elves lived Tol Eressea
Rescues Maedhros Fingon
Namarie Farewell
Celeborn Galadriel's husband
Western coasts of Beleriand Falas
Lord of the Havens Cirdan
Name of fifth battle of Beleriand and its meaning. Nirnaeth Arnoediad - Battle of Unnumbered Tears
Who said "from you and from me a new star shall arise" and who was it about? Huor and Earendil
Greatest heirloom of the house of Hador - who wore it? The Dragon-helm of Dor-lomin; Turin
What are the two names for the sword born by Beleg and Turin? Anglachel and Gurthang
What does "A Turin Turambar turun ambartanen" mean? Master of doom by doom mastered
What are the two names of Turin's sister? Nienor and Niniel
Name all who wore the Nauglamir. Finrod, Thingol, Luthien, Dior
How is Tuor different than all of the Atani in the history of Arda? He becomes immortal
Hidden Kingdom of Turgon Gondolin
"Tol Galen" means? Green Isle
"Tol Erresea" means? Lonely Isle
What does Earendil wear in the sky? Silmaril
What is Armenlos? city of the kings
What is Romenna? city of the faithful
What does Maedhros jump into a fiery chasm with? Silmaril
Name the two dragons. Glaurung and Ancalagon the Black
What does Maglor throw into the ocean when he goes mad wandering the coast? Silmaril
What is the shape of the Island of Numenor? Star
Great mountain in the center of Numenor. Meneltarma
How do Glaurung and Ancalagon the Black die? Glaurung is killed by Turin at Cabed-en-aras or Nargothrond. Ancalagon the Black is killed by Earendil crushing the towers of the Thangorodrim.
What does "Atalante" mean? downfallen
Tower that Sauron built in middle earth. Barad-dur
What artifacts were brought by the Numenoreans to middle earth? palantiri, seed of Nimloth, scepter of Annuminas
Name of Numenor after if is washed beneath the sea. Atalante
Who was the first king of Numenor (both names)? Elros or Tar-Minyatur
Who was the last king of Numenor? Ar-Pharazon the Golden
What ban was placed on the Numenoreans by the Valar? Could not sail west to Valinor
Who are the "faithful" and the "kings' men?" Two factions of people upon Numenor
"Utulie'n aura Aiya Eldalie ar Atanatari, untulie'n aure" The day has come! Behold, people of the Eldar and Fathers of Men, the day has come.
Where is Avallone? The Haven of the Eldar in Tol Eressea
What is significant about Avallone? It can be seen by the farsighted from the top of Meneltarma
Name Amandil's son and grandsons. Elendil, Isildur and Anarion
What kingdoms did Elendil, Islildur and Anarion found in middle earth? Arnor and Gondor
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